1800 Phone Words

Why should you use a 1800 number for your business?

Using a 1800 phoneword means your prospects will feel more comfortable calling you. It’s great, because some prospects don’t like calling because of call costs.

Having a 1800 number removes this issue completely.

The trouble is, many 1800 numbers are difficult to remember. In most cases, this difficulty prompts potential customers to search a phone book or the Internet for you number. Unfortunately, they can easily find and call a competitor instead. BUT… if you use a phone name or phonewords, the number is much easier to remember and that means more calls


Using a 1800 number is also more convenient. It means you can have only one phone number for all of your branches throughout Australia, regardless of the state.

The answer point for your 1800 number can be either a fixed line or a mobile phone.

Each time a customer can’t recall your number is a missed business opportunity. Call 1300 EasyDial today to see if your desired 1800 number and phoneword is available and increase your calls and sales!

Other great benefits of having a 1800 number:

1800 numbers offer businesses of all sizes with a wide range of advantages over their competitors. Some of the most prominent benefits of having a 1800 number include:

  • Did you know that even if you change your business location, you don’t need to change your 1800 number? This is perfect for businesses who plan to expand operations to other states.
  • Contrary to popular belief, there is no need to open a new phone line solely for your 1800 number. Your 1800 number can be tapped to your existing phone line and charged separately. Naturally, this makes the service much more affordable than most business owners initially think.
  • Your prospects can call you and for them it is COMPLETELY FREE! Many Australian consumers are aware of this toll-free feature, which means they are more inclined to give you a call.
  • For larger companies with branches in different cities and states, a 1800 number can be used for all branches. Not only does this give customers an impression of unity, it also cuts down on printing costs and efforts for ads, banners, and other marketing assets.

When you purchase a 1800 number or phoneword from 1300 Easydial, you’ll be getting more than an easy to remember phone number, you’ll be improving your brand and attracting more prospects. Get started today by giving us a call for your 1800 number.

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