About 1300 EasyDial

The leader in phonewords and 1300 numbers in Australia!

1300 EasyDial was founded in mid-2004, just as the Phoneword concept was emerging in the Australian market. Since opening our doors, we have been supplying businesses in major cities nationwide with easy-to-remember phone word numbers. So if you are shopping around for simple and unforgettable phone numbers for your business, you’ve come to the right place.

What We Do

We aim to provide businesses and organisations with a Phoneword that makes them unforgettable to customers and prospects. We take great pride in our ability to supply phonewords that perfectly capture the essence and personality of our clients.
Of course, we do more than create simple phone number words. We also offer our clients the following:

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The Easy Dial Team

The 1300 EasyDial management team has hands-on entrepreneurial experience, building and developing successful businesses. We understand how difficult it can be to differentiate your business from all the other “me-too” competitors. Like you, we’ve lived the “How do we set ourselves apart?” question and believe that Phonewords are a powerful way to differentiate your business and get your phone ringing, significantly growing your fair share of the local and national market.

Since discovering how advantageous phone number words are, we have always been committed to delivering businesses of all sizes a phone word that offers the most returns and the best value. Moreover, we are happy to tailor our services to help your business find the perfect phone number and phone word. Nothing is more important to us than the satisfaction of our clients, and we will do everything we can to ensure you can enjoy the full benefits of owning a phone word.

Our Head Office is located in Melbourne, but we serve the Australian market.

Call us today at 1300 EASYDIAL (1300 327 934) to secure your exclusive Phoneword and become an unforgettable presence. Our services are available to entrepreneurs, corporations, organisations and other services across various industries in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Tasmania, and other prominent cities in Australia and their surrounding areas.

For any questions about our phone number words or to see if your desired phone word is available, please do not hesitate to send us a message by visiting our Contact Us page and filling out the form. We look forward to helping your business achieve more calls, leads, and sales.

About David

I’ve been an entrepreneur for so long now it is just second nature. I love business, and I love the innovation of finding something the market needs and then finding a way to fill that need in a commercially viable way.

Simple Telecom was my first business and, by far, my most successful venture. The nature of the product creates a passive income which I have since leveraged to start the foundations for an entrepreneurial empire. 1300 Easy Dial was acquired by Simple Telecom in Mid 2021 to expand further the Simple Telecom product set with the acquisition of the unique phone word inventory that 1300 Easy Dial has.

1300 Easy Dial pre-dates Simple Telecom; the previous founder was into Phone Words while I was still in high school. A very early grab of some of the best phone words has created a business that is approaching 20 years old. Historically, 1300 Easy Dial has only offered 1300 and 1800 numbers as a lease option for customers. However, in line with Simple Telecom’s offering set, 1300 Easy Dial now provides the complete set of Simple Telecom products, including 1300 and 1800 number carriage, local call tracking numbers and Hosted PBX services. All are available inside the signup process, which ties into the Simple Telecom process.

The Sunny Coast is full of people who FIFO or who move here with lots of cash from down south. It isn’t the ideal location for a Young entrepreneur. However – the internet has levelled the playing field. You can create a successful business from where you want with easy and quick access to the Brisbane market and unlimited online marketing options.

As a Tech Head, one of the key strategies I use in business is to take complicated or hard-to-deliver products, give them a generous coating of technology and then build that sales channel to drive sales. With telco products – this means simplifying the interactions you would typically have with your Telco. This means our front-line phone guys are the most knowledgeable people in the place. There is no call they cannot solve on the spot (with the exception of an upstream issue that we need to escalate).

Our signup and service maintenance systems are all online. So you can manage every aspect of your service yourself. Don’t want that level of control? Ok, no problem. Just call or email us, and we will take care of it for you. That’s the whole point. You can be as involved or un-involved as you want.

The other major business issue most Telcos face is bad debt. There is a bad culture of consumerism within the Australian Telecommunications sector, and with the Industry ombudsman by default siding with the customer, no questions asked, it’s a major concern. So instead of fighting the system, I just went around it by offering my services on a prepaid basis and enticing customers to take up the offer through a permanent discount on our pricing structures. So again, this is a 100% technology solution to a common business problem with direct impacts on the bottom line and cash flow positions for the business.

Since the 1st initial Business, Simple Telecom, I have moved into other projects. Stock It, a local cafe packaging business, An electrical contracting business and many other smaller side businesses and web projects from time to time. I’ve also jumped into building projects as the PM on my 2nd owner builder project and completed my family for now with two beautiful kids to my darling wife.

It’s an exciting season, and we are indeed in a stage where we are cranking out the work, grinding the days into weeks. But I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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1300 OR 1800?

$10 /MONTH

1300 OR 1800?

$40 /MONTH