Although landline-based phones are not as popular as mobile phones these days, they are still important for businesses to maintain in order to provide a reliable method for customers to contact them. Businesses can use phone lines to conduct transactions (such as phone delivery services), or to facilitate customer support. Phones, however, lack the marketing appeal that email has due to their use of phone numbers, which can be difficult to memorise and even harder to associate with a business.

1300 EasyDial can help you maintain a number that your customers will easily recall and clearly associate with your business alone. With customised 1300 numbers, your customers can easily find you and your business can enjoy better exposure. Contact us today and find out how changing your number can make a huge difference for your business.

Why should you use one of our 1300 numbers?

Using a 1300 number or phone word means your prospects will feel more comfortable calling you. It’s great, because some prospects don’t like calling interstate because of call costs. Switching to convenient 1300 numbers means your customers only have to pay for a small fixed fee per call, as if they were simply making a local call.

  • Having a 1300 number partly removes this issue.

The trouble is that many 1300 numbers are difficult to remember. BUT… if you use a 1300 phone number word, the number is much easier to remember and that means more calls… Additionally, a suitable and easily-identified 1300 number word that relates to your business can be a marketing tool of sorts, allowing customers to recall your brand by number alone.

  • …AND MORE BUSINESS for you!

Using a 1300 number is also more convenient. It means you can have only one phone number for all of your branches throughout Australia, regardless of the state. At 1300 EasyDial, we have more word numbers for sale than anyone else in the country. No matter what phrasing you want to represent your business, we can more than likely find some digits to suit you.

The answer point for your 1300 number can be either a fixed line or a mobile phone.

Other great benefits when you buy 1300 numbers for sale from 1300 Easydial:

  • Did you know that even if you change your business location, you don’t need to change your 1300 number?
  • All of your prospects who use your 1300 number only need to pay a small fixed fee (similar to a local call). This makes them more likely to contact you.
  • Your 1300 number can be set up to receive inbound SMS messages.
  • Your 1300 number can receive international calls, directly dialled by the caller.

There simply isn’t a more convenient or memorable way for your customers to contact you. With the incorporation of a memorable and distinctive word, your business could stand to earn more profits simply by making its contact number more accessible. Give us a ring at 1300 EASYDIAL to buy 1300 word numbers easily and affordably!

1300 EasyDial provides its business phone number services to businesses throughout the areas of Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Tasmania, and Tullamarine, Victoria. For more information on our services, you may visit our contact us page or call us at 1300 327 934.