What are Phonewords?

A Phone Word from 1300EasyDial is simply a phone number that spells a word by using the letters on your telephone keypad. The phone word is either a 13 number, a 1300 number or a 1800 numbers. These letters can be used to form an ‘easy to remember’ word which can then be dialed as a telephone number to access a particular company, product or service.

The Phone Words on offer are inbound numbers which means your customers can only call you on the number, you cannot make calls from the number out to your customers.

A phone word is a word that is easy to remember and is associated with a phone number. Getting a phone word for your business is one of the best methods of reinforcing your brand and getting your phone numbers into more peoples memories and becoming a word of mouth brand.


1300 Easy Dial gets asked this question from time to time so here is the step by step guide on How to Dial A Phone Word:

  1. In the case of a 6 digit 13 number, the first two digits are always just 1 & 3.

  2. If you are calling a 1300 or 1800 number, the prefix is as described, 1, 3 (or 8), 0, 0

  3. Then we having the remaining six digits.

    • These digits can be derived from the letters.

    • On your telephone keypad press the number which has the corresponding letters

    • eg. the Letter A is number 2, The letter G is number 4, O is 6, T is number 8 and so on.

  4. In some scenarios you will see more than 6 letters (or numbers). Any of the numbers beyond the full 10 digits for the number are not required for the number to work. You can dial them if you like, no harm done!


Australian businesses who go ahead and setup their business around branding using phone words from 1300 Easy Dial all report a marked increase in customer perception of professionalism.

The phone word awareness instills the business brand and increase the likely hood of word of mouth advertising from their customers who all become brand ambassadors by default. Your phone numbers will be on the tip of their tongue, especially if you have backed up your marketing and branding efforts by providing excellent customer service.

The right phone word enhances your business brand recognition

Other benefits of purchasing a custom phone word number

  • Flexibility in how you answer your incoming calls

  • Amazing range of free call features for call routing and handling

  • Sharp pricing to make owning the phone words cost as competitive as possible


The first step in getting your business a phone word is to do some research and understand what actual telephone numbers are available that suit your business name or your key product or brand.

1300 Easy Dial has a very large range of numbers so make use of the Phoneword Search Tool to begin your research.

Once you have found the perfect number, you can signup for the number online. The signup form is embeded into the Search tool – just click on an available number and follow the steps. Signup here!

Numbers starting at $40 per month that spell your business.

Take advantage of your the ability to spell your business. Drop that old area code and go national with no allocation charge from 1300 Easy Dial.

Do I have to use my current business number to make a phone word?

When you make the decisions to get a phone word when you already have a number you are either going to:

  • replace your current number

  • or have your phone word advertised next to your existing current number

Most businesses choose to run with both numbers for a period of time until the phone word has taken over as the primary number from the other phone numbers.

If you haven’t got a number yet – perfect, you only need 1. Just get your phone word today and start advertising it to get phone calls through it.

We can make use of some free features to educate your callers about your new number through an automated announcement on your old phone number. Over time as the call volumes drop on the old number, you may choose to completely cancel it to reduce some costs.

Further to this you may want to consider getting rid of your old number ranges and switching to a digital VoIP platform so your phone word (and other remaining telephone numbers) can connect directly into your call routing. The advantage of this product as well is the dial ability and making use of your standard phone numbers for outbound calls.

How to buy business phone words

  1. Search for available numbers for your business (consider the toll free number variations)

  2. Apply for the number you want paying attention to understand call costs

  3. Supply your business details and your payment information

  4. Wait for our team to get in touch with you (usually within 1 business hour)



1300 Easy Dial is a specialist provider of phone words in Australia. This means this business has been in the industry for over 20 years, knows all the main players and can probably hook you up with the number you desire.

If your competitor already has the number, then you are going to have to get creative! Give us a call if you want some ideas on some creative strategies to help you get an appropriate number.

Some of the most common ideas is to put a 0 (zero) at the start of your word. This turns the number from a 1300 or 1800 into 13000 or 18000 and looks very visually appealing.

Second to that, using a 4 as the first number in the 6 that you have works well. For example 1800 4BINHIRE which was recently sold to a happy customer.


Phone words are actually Inbound Numbers that can from a functionality point of view, can only receive calls inside the Australian telecommunications network. This means you can call a Phone Word from any phone numbers that are Australian, such as Mobile phones, Land Lines and VoIP service providers.

Some of the most common phone word numbers receive calls via postcode prompting to narrow calls to a local area. This gives the small businesses an advantage through national marketing of the inbound number and more business as a result of having the smart numbers connected.


The short answer here is no, they do not.

But, there are always exceptions. Some international carriers may have the ability to route calls into the Australian telecommunications network for specific purposes and with the widespread use of technology such as VoIP it is possible that international callers who are on specific networks could call the service.

The Australian communications Media authority governs the same of the phone words, smart numbers and toll free numbers. 1300EasyDial will handle this relationship for you so you can focus on the task to create a national brand, a connection with your customers and contact with that key business caller.

Keep your customers safe from your competition

You don’t want people to search through the yellow pages or the web for your phone number. It’s dangerous, as they can easily find some ‘new offer’ from a competitor and be snatched from you. Better to have a number that is on people’s minds straight away so they can call you directly.

Get more Leads and Bookings

This simple change makes all your marketing so much more effective as in example shown in the example of Focus Fitness above. This is because when people see your phone number they remember it (even they just see it in passing on a brochure or sign) and then can call when they get home at their convenience.

Develop a Large Company Brand Image

You only have 3 seconds to make a positive impression on your customers or they disappear from you like a ship in the night. This makes every phoneword, 1300 number, and smart number a great opportunity to brand your company in a very positive way.