Vanity Numbers

Generate more leads for your Australian business with a vanity number

Take your business brand to the next level with a Vanity number and boost your website and phone traffic. Here are all the reasons why a vanity number is great for growing your business’

  • Easy to recognise and remember your toll free number

  • Brand re-inforcement through reusing your name as many places as possible

  • Insightful call analytics to help you unpack how customers are engaging with your business

What is a vanity number?

Have you see those fancy numbers on advertisements that make a catchy word? Eg. 1300 EASYDIAL? These are actually referred to as vanity phone numbers and you can secure your number today using our smart search vanity phone number tool.

In Australia vanity phone number start with either the prefix 1300 or 1800. Ultimately there is very little difference between them, but sometimes the 1800’s are a little less competitive.

How Australian businesses attract new customers with vanity numbers

Research has shown that when a prospective customer is comparing to different suppliers, there is an undeniable perception effect that comparing for example a mobile number to a 1300 PRODUCT type vanity phone number.

We refer to these types of numbers as phonewords in Australia. Vanity phone numbers are more of a term that American’s use for their version of these numbers.

Every business benefits from using custom phone numbers

Give your new business ultimate control over your inbound numbers with an easy dial phone number. The key benefits you will recieve from having custom phone numbers is:

  1. Ability to configure the number as your business requirements change

  2. Appear more Professional when compared to local phone numbers or a mobile telephone number.

  3. Call Analytics or reporting information on every call your custom vanity number receives.

  4. Attract calls through having a toll free numbers which make the call free for the caller.

cab with vanity number

Do personalised vanity numbers benefit small businesses?

Put your brand front of head for all your new customers by having a phoneword that they can call to discuss your products and services. The power of brand recognition is key for any size small and large businesses Australia wide.

Make use of the great features that come with your toll free vanity number such as business hours routing, information on missed calls from reporting platforms and a much more professional appearance than just listing a local number on your advertising materials such as your website.

5 Easy steps to attract new customers with a vanity number

So you are looking to attract new customers? Well you are in the right Place. 1300 Easy Dial can help you get a vanity number today, lets unpack each of the 5 steps:


Decide on your budget


Find a suitable vanity number that fits in your budget


Fill out the inbound number configuration for your business calls


Provide your business and contact details to establish an account


Provide your credit card for payment

Once you have done this you are ready to go. Our friend customer service team will pop you an email when your number is connected (1-5 business days).

How much do vanity numbers typically cost?

There are two cost parts of owning a vanity number that you need to understand before getting your custom vanity numbers.

  1. The license fee ranges from $40 into the $1000’s on a monthly basis

  2. The monthly plan fee ranges from $10 to $99 per month + calls (per minute).

What type of return of investment can I expect to see from a personalised business number?

Like any marketing all we really care about is the Return on investment the marketing is going to give me. There have been a few studies that have occured with the following interesting points that show the potential ROI you can expect wiht your toll free number:

  • The concept of alpha numeric dialing and Phone Words are well-known to 93% of Australians.

  • Since 2006, the use of phone words has more than doubled.

  • The highest Phone Word recall, at 92 percent, came from word-of-mouth advertising.

  • Vanity Words are preferred by 83% of 1890 respondents over phone numbers.

  • Overall, research concluded that 1300 and 1800 Phone Words were 5x easier to remember than regular phone numbers

Examples of popular vanity numbers

FAQs on vanity numbers

Please make use of our search tool to discover if your particular word is available. Remember at this point (writing in 2022) this market has been established for 20+ years, so if its a common word a competitor may have grabbed it along time ago. But we have some tips and tricks to help you find something that does work for you, its all inside the search tool for vanity number.

You can get generic numbers that don’t make a word or specific sequence (ie random digits) from as little as $10 per month. If you are after a phone word or vanity number you can expect to pat anywhere from $40 per month upwards.

The business model adopted by 1300 Easy Dial means we need to capitalise on the assets we have and have to return an ongoing profit from these assets (ie. numbers). In some cases we do consider selling a number outright in which case negotiations start at 5 years worth of monthly fees.

Unfortunately not much. If 1300 Easy Dial doesn’t have the number listed inside our search tool, it is best if you just find another number that does suit your business.

Do established business need a vanity number?

Yes, established business can probably benefit from the value a phone word can provide by establishing a national presence along side there local presence and their local numbers. These existing numbers can continue in there current manner, but the new smart numbers (phone word) can be listed on particular advertising mediums making the effectiveness of that medium through demonstration of the volumes and length of calls through that number.

The 1300 Easy Dial platform contains a full platform which will highlight these types of stats as well as some advanced features such as forwarding rules, voicemail message, caller id identification – some of the best features for the ad campaigns most small business’ are running.

Are vanity numbers cheap?

In some cases you can get very luck and your number for your business can be quite cheap. Pricing starts at $40 per month for easy dial numbers. Just remember international numbers are also quite common for global brands who list additional numbers for marketing purposes to receive calls in that particular area codes or jurisdiction.

The available vanity numbers can differ depending on cost and the ability to search for the latest version of the available number list. Most small business would be able to afford $40 per month for a number so its work considering if the custom number on offer is suitable for your professional answer requirements.

Repeating digits are a common request from customers enquiring about toll free vanity numbers with 1300 Easy Dial. We have a few telephone number options that only feature repeating digits for this exact purpose.

Are Toll Free numbers the same as vanity number?

Yes, toll free number is generally the same thing as a vanity number. Most commonly a toll free number is a number starting with 1800 in Australia but it can be different in other countries. The prefix (or area code) for vanity numbers in Australia can be both 1300 and 1800 but for the purpose of unpacking these concepts they should be grouped together as vanity numbers. A phone number that is actually a word sticks in the head of everyone who sees them.

Can I create my own phone number?

The search tool developed by 1300 Easy Dial allows you to search for a 6 digit combination of either letters or words. Using this tool you can search for a custom creation of your choosing for your new vanity numbers. Get the telephone number connected and replace that old local number today.

Some tips for you to consider:

  1. No results? Get creative. Try a product, or a synonym for your brand or product in your vanity numbers search

  2. Try putting a 0 at the start (as in zero). This makes the prefix number 13000 or 18000 instead of 1300 and 1800.

  3. You can add upto 4 letters at the end of the 10 digits (just for marketing purposes really)

  4. Try putting a 2 at the start if that works for your brand/product

  5. Try putting a 4 at the start as above