SMS Marketing

It is now possible for your customers to contact you on your Phone Word via SMS. By allowing your customers to send you an SMS, you can expect a significant increase in advertising response rates.

SMS to Phone Words also has the added advantage of customers being able to contact you out of your normal business hours. This ensures you never miss out on an opportunity.

Customers can send you different ‘key words’ in their SMS to help determine which advertising medium is the most effective.

The cost to send an SMS to your Phone Word is the same cost to send a standard SMS.

“We are talking about SMS as being an acquisition medium. In some cases, we are seeing an increase of 150% in lead generation” more>>

“Marketers turn to SMS for mobile marketing.” more>>


Keep your customers safe from your competition

You don’t want people to search through the yellow pages or the web for your phone number. It’s dangerous, as they can easily find some ‘new offer’ from a competitor and be snatched from you. Better to have a number that is on people’s minds straight away so they can call you directly.

Get more Leads and Bookings

This simple change makes all you’re marketing so much more effective as in example shown in the example of Focus Fitness above. This is because when people see your phone number they remember it (even they just see it in passing on a brochure or sign) and then can call when they get home at their convenience.

Develop a Large Company Brand Image

You only have 3 seconds to make a positive impression on your customers or they disappear from you like a ship in the night. This makes every phoneword, 1300 number, and smart number a great opportunity to brand your company in a very positive way.