Smart Numbers

What is a smart phone number? (And why your business needs one!)

A smart phone number is a number that is linked to a specific individual or business and often makes a desirable word to spell a brand or product.

This allows businesses to track calls and texts to and from the number, as well as to automatically route calls to the correct individual or department. Smart phone numbers can also be used to set up call forwarding and voicemail.

Smart numbers in Australia

Again, a smart number is a word that can be spelled using the letters on a telephone keypad. Obtaining the license to use a specific number is the ideal marketing tool and commonly used in radio ads and television commercials.

Smart numbers in Australian telecommunications dates back to the early 1990s, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) introduced smart numbers as a way to increase the efficiency of the telecommunications system and make it easier for customers to remember.

Smart Numbers are now used by a variety of businesses and organisations, including banks, government agencies, and charities. They provide a massive brand advantage for business in reinforcing that presentation through the smart number and achieving higher volumes of calls through the attractiveness of the local call rate.

Smart Numbers or phone words as they are more commonly know in Australia provide a method for Australian business to manage their inbound calls, connect their customers with their sales and support team and help move the business away from advertising mobile numbers.

Smart Numbers, also known as a premium number come with plenty of great extras that you may not know about. These call features are things like:

  • Call Recording

  • Caller ID capture

  • Auto Attendant

  • IVR Menus

  • Voicemail

  • Voice to Email

  • Recorded Announcements

  • Call Whisper

  • Email Notifications

  • SMS Notifications

The great news is all of the call features are included in your monthly hosting fee for your smart number when you connect your service with 1300 EasyDial.

Ready to register a phone number name?

1300EasyDial can help you find the perfect phone number name for your business or brand.  Use our search tool on the homepage to get started with your desired word.

1800FORSTAFF / DMSSQUARE ($80/m)1300FLOORMAN ($40/m)1300PIZZERIA ($80/m)1300AUTOLOAN ($120/m)
1300BISTRO ($40/m)1300RESTUMP ($350/m)1800POOLCARE ($120/m)1800BUYHOUSE ($190/m)
1300DOGTRAINER ($80/m)1800ENTERTAIN ($150/m)18000LOCKSMITH ($40/m)1300PHOTOGRAPH ($250/m)
1300FACELIFT ($250/m)1300MYDOCTOR ($150/m)1300SELLING ($200/m)1300HIRETOOLS ($80/m)
18000CONCRETE ($40/m)1800SHIPMENT ($150/m)1300EXCAVATE ($250/m)1800NOTHOT ($80/m)
1300ALIGNMENT ($120/m)1300PHOTOCOPY ($250/m)1300NOTEBOOK ($200/m)1300TYRECENTRE ($80/m)
1300DRAFTING ($300/m)1300DRAINING ($80/m)1800GOKART ($40/m)1300ZERODEBT ($350/m)
1300WEBHOSTING ($150/m)1300FASTCASH ($650/m)1800LEAFGUARD ($350/m)1800MOTELS ($250/m)
1300MAKEOVER ($250/m)1800NEWLAWN ($80/m)1800STAYCOOL ($150/m)1300NAILSALON ($80/m)
1300DEBTASSIST ($80/m)1300MYDENTIST ($193/m)13002EXCAVATE ($150/m)1800SKINDOCTOR ($150/m)
1300PLEASURE ($350/m)1300PHONES ($650/m)

Any questions, please contact us on 1300EASYDIAL (1300 327 934).

Boost customer engagement with premium phone numbers for your business

Get a unique smart number with a custom voicemail greeting for your business. Your customers will be able to easily remember your number, which will make it easier for them to reach out to you when they need to. You’ll also be able to use your custom number to track your marketing campaigns and see which ones are performing the best.

Your marketing and advertising campaigns will benefit from the insights you get from the call analytics – you will be able to drill down the performance and specific avenue related to the call as well as the callers number to add to your database and even a recording of the call for training and reflection.

Ideal smart numbers developed and evolved over the past 20 years to the core business needs for the average Australian small business. There is no doubt premium numbers present a business in a more professional manner than an Australian landline or mobile number.

The scarcity of number availability has meant first come first served with many of the smart numbers used in big marketing campaigns coming with a hefty license fee, which is why they are normally used by bigger companies on things like billboard advertising leading to higher response rates.

Search for available Smart Numbers

Get the head start on your quest to find a smart number by jumping onto the 1300 EasyDial search tool. It will allow to search for a number for your brand and even make suggestions on other options that may suit, in case your first pick isn’t available.

1300EasyDial has a partner network that has a massive range of numbers so its highly probably that even if we don’t have the perfect smart numbers in stock, we can probably get it for you from the network at a very competitive rate.

Is a smart phone number or a phone word right for your business?

It depends on your business and your customer base. A smart number or phone word can be a great way to make your business more accessible and easier to remember. However, it is important to consider whether your customers are likely to use these features.

If your customers are not tech-savvy, they may not be able to remember or use a smart number or phone word. In this case, it may be best to stick with a traditional Australian landline number or at least make sure the smart number is a clickable link for mobile users.

How to use a smart number?

There are a few different ways to use a smart number. The most common way is to use it as a virtual number for your business, which allows you to have multiple inbound numbers on one phone or mobile.

You can also use a smart number as an emergency number, which allows you to have a backup number in case your primary number is lost or stolen.

You can also use it as a way to keep your personal number private and away from the marketers and scammers, by using a smart number on your marketing and contact details or by setting up a separate phone line for your business.

Making further use of your smart number will generally be through making use of the great features.

Frequently Asked Questions

1300 EasyDial specialises in providing Smart Numbers to our customers. We have a smart number search tool here which will allow you to check and test some ideas out for your business, and allow you to proceed with purchasing an available number.

A smart number will cost you a monthly license fee, anywhere between $40 per month and $200+ . That will give you the right to use the number, but you’ll also need a monthly hosting plans, which start at $10 per month.

Give us a call. We are pretty good at finding alternative numbers with you – and we can do it on the spot on the phone. Call us on 1300 EASYDIAL

1300 EasyDial has a custom built search tool for you! Access it by clicking here.

How much do smart numbers cost for Australian businesses?

The cost of a smart number in Australia is actually broken down into a few different components.

  1. The monthly license fee
  2. The monthly hosting fee
  3. Call charges

Monthly Licence Fee

Smart Numbers cost anywhere from $40 per month to $200+ per month depending on the word value the smart number creates.

Monthly Hosting Fee

The monthly hosting fee for your new smart numbers can be as low as $10 per month or a maximum of $99 per month. The different price is reflective of the included value with the plan and the call rates that will be charged for the service.

Call Charges

Call charges for your smart number range from 35 cents per minute down to 4 cents per minute. Call rates vary based on the plan and also the type of callers calling device as well as the type of device that is receiving the call (also know as the answer point).

What does all that mean? Your small business will pay more per minute to receive calls on your mobile than you will receiving calls on your land line or voip phone.

5 Reasons why smart numbers are such powerful branding tools for your business

Reason 1.

They make your business contact number more memorable by embedding your brand in the phone words everywhere you list your number.

Reason 2.

They help your customers easily identify your business number from your other methods of contact.

Reason 3.

They help customers remember exactly how to reach your business, reducing the challenge they may face in re-contacting.

Reason 4.

They help promote your brand and increase customer loyalty through an easy to remember smart number.

Reason 5.

They help you track and analyze customer call patterns through understanding how your customers are engaging with your smart number.

Order your smart number to increase customer engagement

1300 EasyDial can help you find the perfect phoneword for your business or brand.  Use our search tool to get started with your desired word.

Any questions, please contact us on 1300EASYDIAL (1300 327 934)