Research Proves that Smart Businesses are Making Stacks More Money with Phonewords and 1300 Numbers

Although Phone words are a new concept in Australia, extensive research in the USA and UK confirms why Phone words are so much better than standard phone number. Here are 4 proven reasons why Phone Words are almost like having a ‘licence to print money’.

More Memorable – Sticks in Your Customer’s Mind

Phonewords are up to 14 times more effective than phone numbers in generating phone enquiries because they’re much easier to remember. In one study, a radio ad featuring a Phoneword produced an amazing 1400% more sales leads than the “phone number” version. Catchy vanity numbers are similar to the mnemonics and jingles used in traditional advertising. They easily find their way into the consciousness of customers and can be easily recalled when the need for the business’ services or products arises.

More qualified leads: New Customers Knocking on Your Door

Market research also reveals that when a freephone code (e.g. 1300, 1800) is combined with a Phoneword, it triggers more qualified leads. This makes sense – both freephone codes and Phonewords make it easier for customers to contact you. Enquire with us today and see how we can help you get the 1300 or 1800 number of your choice combined with a Phoneword.

More sales and profits: Skyrocket Your Financial Results

An easily-memorized Phoneword, combined with a freephone code can increase advertising effectiveness by 300% and boost your overall revenue from each promotion by as much as 31% to 207%. This is a much easier and cheaper way for you to get the competitive edge than employing more sales people or doing more expensive marketing. Those with their own reservations about using vanity phone numbers should consider how handy the numbers can be for their customers. If you are willing to do anything to catch the attention of your customers and/or immortalise your brand in their minds, then you will need a Phoneword.

Research confirms that Phonewords get results!

Wide acceptance: The Big Players are using them and it is Paying Off Big Time. Now You Can Too…

In the USA, over 50% of radio ads now feature Phonewords over regular phone numbers, because they work. The USA and Canadian markets are quickly reaching maturity. In other words, in these markets all the most memorable Phonewords have already been snapped up.

Warning – You Have to Move Quickly

It’s predicted that the uptake of Phonewords in Australia will be just as quick and once a word is gone in your region – it’s gone. Many of Australia’s – and the world’s – largest and most reputable companies are already using Phonewords to build brand awareness and boost their sales. Organisation such as Dell, Telstra, Subaru, the National Australia Bank, Australia Post, Coke and Subway are already using Phonewords. Now, through our innovative licensing plans, even small businesses can have their own Phonewords too. Do not delay. Act now to snap up the optimum Phoneword for your business- before your competitor gets it. Take advantage of our services to secure a number that your customers will surely rely on.

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