Why Phone Words Really Matter for Your Brand

Selecting the right phone words is imperative if you hope to establish a powerful brand name for yourself. It has to have a distinct personality in order to explain why customers need to do business with you. So, the words you use to describe your products or services need to leave no doubt in the mind of your customers as to what your brand represents.

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Phone numbers rather than phone words

It sure is so much easier to recall 1300 Spanner than 1300 772 6637. This is due to the abstract and random random nature of phone numbers that makes is harder to remember, which poses more of a challenge, especially when you first try and use it.

To simplify the whole process of remembering numbers, ACMA (Australian Communication and Media Authority) introduced phone words back in 2004, which led to the use of 1300 numbers. It is simply a case of making up the phone word from letters of the alphabet as seen on the keypad of your telephone. Letters are used to form words or a number/word combination such as 1300 DIRT.

Consumers would simply dial this number to access a particular service or product. If you do not currently have access to 1300 numbers, you may wonder how to memorise long phone numbers? Below are some useful tips that should help you out in this regard:

  • Break your phone number into bit size chunks – Most phone numbers are separated to make remembering them easier. They would come in groups of 3 or 4 instead of a long string of numbers. You simply need to break the number down into manageable bit size sections for easy remembering.
  • Converting numbers into words – This concept of taking a difficult to remember phone number and converting it into words will make thing a lot easier for you. You just have to look at your cell phone’s dial pad when wanting to call a service provider to see what the corresponding number would be.
  • Working with number patterns – Most phone numbers would work in sequences or you will find certain numbers are repeated. All you have to do is pay attention to these patterns to get the number to stick in your memory.
  • Visualizing phone numbers – Another way to go about it is to actually dial the number on your phone pad and see how your brain would react to the shapes of the numbers such as a triangular looking number, digits at a right angle, etc.

However, it is our recommendation that you go for 1300 numbers to help ease the pain of finding ways to memorise numerical phone numbers. Phone words such as 1300 Laundry is a much better way to try and recall the type of business you want to contact for your particular problem. As much as 92% of the population is comfortable in dialing alphanumeric numbers instead of struggling to recall long numbers. It makes perfect sense to find the product or service you are looking for using phone words or phone names.

Where to Find the Best Phone Words For Sale

Any small to medium sized business owner who have been in business for awhile now will tell you hard it is to reach potential customers. What if there was a way where you could easily build a responsive list of customers through using a newer, better way of advertising. People who are actually interested in what you have to offer.

Now you can through using phone names/words. Most people coming into contact with your company would have done so as they saw your phone name advertised in the paper, on a bill board, banner or even by word of mouth.

They know they have come to the right place as your phone word is your brand and helps to position you as an authority in their eyes. Your phone words sums up everything in one or two words following either the number 1300 or 1800. What better way to position yourself as a leader than doing it this way according to 1300EasyDial.

Whether you choose to make use of TV advertising, Outdoor advertising or, a bit of both, phone words will boost your response rates like you would not believe possible. You are encouraged to give it a try. Your phone words will work for you long after your potential customers have switched off their TV sets as it will still ring in the back of their minds.

Just imagine your phone word spelling the solution to your customer’s problem. It could be that their home is in desperate need of repairs due to a burst pipe or electrical fault. Due to your particular phone word providing the answer to their given problem, they are sure to contact you first by simply dialing the prefix of 1300 or 1800 followed by say the words Electrical Faults.

Where to Find the Best Phone Words?

You can be sure that your customers and even their friends will recognize your brand when out shopping or doing anything else. At this point you may ask “Where do I find such value in the form of phone words?”

There are a couple of companies where you can go to in order to register a phone word for your business. Right now 1300EasyDial have special deals on phone words for sale. Not only that, you can be sure to find some of the best advise from them in terms of which one of the many phone names/words available would be best for your business.

The key to taking your business to the next level would be to contact 1300EasyDial and let them take you through their list of phone words for sale. Who knows, they might just have what you are looking for.

Are You New to Phone Words?

You may have stumbled upon or even heard a radio commercial talking about phone words for sale. As business owner this concept might be totally new to you. But, you are willing to find out how having phone words can make a huge difference to your turnover.

The important thing to remember is that you would be dealing with potential customers who would have a distinct interest in getting their problems solved. Your company has the ability to create the solution through providing them with phone words that spells out the answer to their problem.

By seeing or hearing about your company through viewing an advert or listening to a broadcast, your potential customers should be able to formulate a pretty good idea in their minds as to the type of products or services your business provides. Phone words normally do well on bill boards or by means of the spoken word through one or the other radio commercial.

This is where small business owners have the opportunity to reach out to prospects using phone words and create the right impression at the right time when the customer has a specific problem that they need a solution for in a hurry.

Just imagine that the respective customer needs to have a garden trellis erected for an upcoming wedding celebration, and you happen to specialise in garden furniture and accessories. Essentially, you could be targeting the word ‘Treillises’ or ‘Garden Trellis’ and have it advertised as either 1300 GARDEN TRELLIS or 1800 GARDEN TRELLIS. That would be extremely powerful as you can be sure that the customer would be phoning you first due to the ease of remembering your particular phone word.

If your potential customers happen to have a smart phone with a Qwerty keypad, they could easily dial your smart number as they only have to hold down the alt key, then type in your phone word to have it displayed on their phone screen. From here it is as simple as pressing the dial button to get through to your business.

It is simply amazing how easy it can be to reach hundreds of potential prospects through using the right phone words for your business. As you are new to all of this, you might not know which phonewords/smartnumbers would be the right ones to use. Luckily there is a company known as1300EasyDial that will be able to give your personal advice while being able to assist you with a wide range of phone words for sale. All you have to do is dial 1300EasyDial to make it happen.

Safeguarding Your Business Through Phone Number Names

Equipping your business with unique phone number names will help ensure that you safeguard your business. Other business owners who are looking to use the same name will have to do some extra research to find a suitable alternative to yours. This is why it would be a great idea to secure your business name soon before someone else beat you to it.

It might be even better to ensure your phone number names follow 1300, 1800 and 13 numbers when doing business in Australia. You would be able to eliminate any confusion with your customers this way. Should they forget to phone 1300, and dial 1800 instead followed by your business name, then they may very well get to do business with someone else who offers the same services as you do.

Memorable Phone Number Names Attracts Business

You can bet that customers will see themselves attracted to your products or services should you make use of memorable phone names that follow the well known 1300, 1800 or 13 numbers. Customizing your phone number name makes it the perfect marketing tool for your customers to remember you by.

To illustrate the point. When you use a phone name such as 1300HandyMan, then any other marketing material you use will be remembered by your customers. You can say that it serves as your brand which is why you should never compromise on quality service at any stage.

This is yet another way to safeguard your business and carve yourself a Niche as either a plumber, electrician or other service provider who delivers quality service at all times. Through using phone number names you ensure that your prospective customers do not easily do business with anyone else other than you. Why not give 1300EasyDial a call to find out more.

Phone Number Names Statistics

Small to Medium business owners do not have to wonder why many Australian companies prefer using phone number names when doing business.

According to reputable resources, Australian small business owners can expect a 290% increase in their response rate when using phone number names. That is easily three times your standard response rate.

Further to this, using a phone name reduces the cost associated in generating a sales lead by almost 70 percent. That in itself is reason enough why small business owners in Australia should make it their business to get in touch with companies like 1300EasyDial who will help to set them up with phone number names for their business.

Using Phone Names as Your Exclusive Marketing Weapon

Thanks to phone names, Australian small business owners now have a marketing weapon. That’s right! They can now use phone names as telephone numbers following the popular 1300 numbers. If you have a travel agency for instance, your number could look something like this – 1300 TRAVEL. These letters would correspond to the numbers on the telephone keypad of your customer’s phone.

Maximize Your Profits Using Phone Names


There is simply no better way to maximize your profits than using phone names. Customers in Australia love doing business with companies that makes things easier for them.


Taking a look at the following benefits is a sure indication why it makes sense using phone names:


  • Names are a lot easier to remember than a string of numbers


  • Ensure higher customer retention as they are often distracted and tend to forget where they put that important number. Now they just have to jog their memory to come up with your phone name


  • Your website will receive a higher rating due to customers visiting your site more often as they find it easy doing business with you


  • Better tracking facilities as phone names gives business owners in Australia the ability to split incoming calls across several answering points. In other words they can use more than one phone name


  • Excellent word of mouth tool. Your customer just have to say the name to their friends and family and you are in business


  • Recall rate is 5 times better than trying to remember actual phone numbers


Can you begin to see why small business owners in Australia should strongly consider using phone names. Just look at this example – How easy is it to remember 1300 growth instead of 1300 476 984.

Achieving the Recognition You Deserve is Easy with Phone Names

The cost associated in getting exposure using expensive media makes it hard for most business owners in Australia to get the recognition they deserve.

Now there is an easier way – Phone names!

Just picture your phone name on your car, business cards, dirt cheap flyers, etc. This is exactly what your business needs to get the kind of exposure that will bring in hordes of customers. Companies like 1300Easydial makes it dead drop easy for your small business to get the kind of recognition normally only reserved for the big boys.

Not only is your application handled with the strictest of confidence, but you can be sure to get complaints from your staff members as their workload increase due to all the calls coming through.

Why You Should Care to Use Phone Number Names When in Australia

Have you ever thought of turning your business name into your phone number? Phone number names could just be what you’re looking for. Why settle for a long string of digits when the last few numbers of your phone line could represent your business name? The possibility of you getting contacted is so much better.

Phone Number Names in Australia

Should you go to town with your phone number names and just make use of any old catchy phrase or word to get people to contact you? Or, should you rather opt for something that represents your business name in Australia?

Experts in business would say that the latter is a much better option. The number 1300 followed by your business name will attract business from far and wide across Australia. This is exactly what will set you apart from your competition as the business owners at 1300EasyDial will tell you.

Boosting Your Turnover is Easy with Phone Number Names

Previously it was near impossible as a small business owner to make use of phone number names to help boost the turnover of your small business. Now, it is so much easier to achieve this. As business owner you will have an unfair advantage over your competition in making use of easy to remember names for your business.

Whether you choose to use 1300, 1800 or 13 numbers followed by your phone name, you can be sure that you will receive more calls than you bargained for due to customers finding it easier to get hold of you.

It does not matter if you are in the business of sending flowers or teaching kids at home, using phone number names will soon put you in touch with people who are looking for what you have to offer. They will find it super easy to simply dial say 1300Teacher than trying to still conduct a search in their phone book.

Show Who You Are Using Phone Number Names

Nothing is easier than showing the world what business you are in by displaying your phone name on your vehicle, banners, brochures or business cards. You need to have a business number to ensure you get contacted by prospective customer anyway.

Why not contact 1300EasyDial to find out how you can make life easier on yourself through choosing phone number names that stands out. Small to medium business owners in Australia will wonder why they have not thought of using phone names earlier. It really is as easy as 123 to set up your new phone name for your business.

Phone Words Help to Generate Sales in Australia

One thing that can be said about phone words, it helps one heck of a lot to generate sales. In fact, it is one of the latest buzz words being used in Australia. Using 1800 or 1300 numbers followed by your favourite buzz name beats the old way of trying to remember long phone numbers hands down.

Benefiting Your Australian Business Using Phone Words

Phone words have a lot of benefits that is well worth considering:

* It is so much easier for your customer to refer your business to their friends using phone words

*  One of the best ways to build brand recognition in more than one area of Australia

*  Best way to get a marvelous return on advertising investment

*  Enables small business owners to maximise their market reach

*  Prospective customers will find it easy remembering your business phone number, meaning no chance of losing out on sales

*  1300 phone words are popular with everyone and preferred by many interested customers

*  Low cost made possible by companies such as 1300Easydial

*  Customers benefit in that they pay the cost of a local phone call when calling you

What Exactly are Phone Words?


Made up from the letters of the alphabet that appears on the keypad of either your cellphone or landline set, phone words sure are the easiest way to remember anyone’s phone number.

As business owner you get to play around with words, or part of words in any form that pleases you. These words will take the place of corresponding phone numbers that are often hard to remember.

If you have a pest control business in Australia, you could easily replace the following number 1300 398 376 with 1300 EXTERMINATE to help your customers remember your number. Have you noticed that phone words are not limited to only 6 letters.

1800 numbers used in Australia normally consist of 10 digits while 1300 numbers consist of 6, but you can use whatever word you want your customers to remember you by. As long as it is closely related to what your company stands for, it will be fine.

Amazingly, there are quite a few telephone keypads in Australia. You may wonder how it would be possible to choose the right phone word as the customer may phone your business and get through to another company. No need to be overly concerned though.

According to research 9 times out of 10 users make use of ACMA/International keypads whereas 93 percent of cell phones have the same universal keypad. Other sets that use ACA and AUSTEL keypads are in the minority. It might be an idea to make your customers aware of this to ensure that their keypads are in line with ACMA/International keypads. 1300Easydial will happily provide more information on phone words and related subjects.

Increase Your Market Reach With Phone Names

Did you know that more than 30,000 businesses in Australia have phone names? What is more is that the number is steadily increasing every day. Just recently, more than a good couple of advertisers in good old Oz are now using either 1300 or 1800 phone names. If you want your piece of the pie, then we have some good news for you! 1300EasyDial can help you out.

Why You Should Use Phone Names

Believe it if you may, but you will be able to increase your market reach when choosing to go with phone names. This is why:

* Business owners in the signage business experienced as much as 10 times better responses

* Printing companies were astounded when they got as much as 7 to 8 times more calls than before

* TV stores and TV repairs were happy when they got 7 times as much calls

The list goes on and on. There is simply no mistaken that using phone names works every single time.

What Can You Expect Phone Names to Do for Your Business

One way to make a name for yourself is to brand your company name using a phone name. It truly markets itself in so many ways like you would never imagine.

Just look at the list of business who are already on board – 1300 FLOWER, 1300 DOOR FRAME, 1800 WESTPAC, 1800 MYGUTTER, and so forth.

Can you begin to see why Australian business owners want in. This is exactly why they are contacting companies like 1300EasyDial to get on board while there is still a chance for a good phone name.

Each advertising AUD you spend will pay for itself over and over again. Using a Phone Name is much cheaper than advertising your small business using phone directories or your local newspaper. You will be stunned to see the kind of response rate you’ll get.

Another often talked about benefit is that you will stand head above shoulders among your competitors when using phone names. The reason is that your customers do not have to look you up. They just have to remember 1300 followed by your business name. It is as easy as that!

Who doesn’t want to generate more calls by simply using a phone name to attract new customers? It is far easier to recall than trying to get your head around numeric phone numbers that you might have scribbled on a piece of paper.

Allow 1300EasyDial to help you out when looking to use phone names for your small business. They will have you up and running in no time.

How Phone Words Can Be Music To Your Ears

Attracting business from Australian customers is really easy with phone words. You simply have to encode your phone numbers with easy to remember words where you would use matching letters to digits on your phone dial. More and more owners of small Australian businesses are getting on board this new trend.

Creating a powerful position for yourself is really simple when making use of phone words that follow 1300 numbers as used in Australia. Just taking a look at the some of the examples below will make you understand why sheilas and blokes prefer doing business with you when you use 1300 numbers followed by your business name or product:


  • 1300 – DIRT BUSTER
  • 1300 – LAWN MOWING
  • 1300 – HOME CLEANER

Why Phone Words Are Useful to Business Owners

Small business owners will soon realize that using phone words can be seen as good oil when it comes to attracting hordes of customers. This might be the reason why many are keen to hear what 1300EasyDial has to say about using this method for getting more leads and ultimately more sales at the end of the day.

Whether you are a Sandgroper, Taswegian or a Banana bender who is hoping to make it big with your business whether offline or online, you can be sure that using phone words will get you many more customers than you ever thought possible.


Help in Finding The Right Phone Words

If you made contact with companies like 1300EasyDial and you are at a loss with regards to which phone word you should choose, then you are in luck.

Whatever you choose to do, you need to remember to make it as easy as possible for your future customers to remember your business phone number. The last thing anyone needs is to fumble around looking where they placed your number. They would much rather call the first business they locate by paging through their phone book.


As a small business owner in Australia ourselves, we would like to encourage you to visit1300EasyDial to find out more about phone words and how it will serve your marketing efforts best. You simply need to choose the right phoneword, make your application, and wait for all those extra calls coming your way.