1300 numbers to increase market share

The use of 1300 numbers is therefore ideal to businesses wishing to improve their image and marketing strategies in the regions that they are active in. The cost implications for customers in the local area makes this the ideal tool for the professional business that can use the free talk time to their advantage. Using a 1300 smartnumbers can have the name of the business as part of their phone number and although most of the popular names have been sold there are still a few available from phone word companies that will lease these 1300 numbers to the business.

The two options available to source these numbers are either direct via a Government auction or to lease them from the companies specialising in these number supplies. The disadvantage of this is that the 1300 numbers obtained this way will never belong to the company and could only be used while the lease is active.

Selecting suitable 1300 numbers for a company is something that should receive a lot of thought and the more creative the word is, the better the results that the company will achieve. Selecting and deciding that this smartnumber system is going to benefit the company depends on a few considerations that will make this option viable. The size of the business must warrant the cost of the system and the future marketing plans for expansion is just some of the factors to consider.

The importance of branding in the business must be part of the long term goals set out in the marketing strategy of the company. The cost factor of obtaining the right number can influence this decision considerable as most of the generic names have already been sold. This may make purchasing or leasing a number at a substantial cost when the name is in high demand in that industry.

What is the benefits of using 1300 numbers for your organisation?

The main benefits of 1300 numbers is the fact that your number automatically convey the message to the customer as well as a means to make contact. This huge advantage implies that customers can recall and remember the number of the company without having to search a directory or the internet.

The use of these 1300 numbers gives the business exclusive rights to the number already aimed at a specific market. The system allows calls from all over the country or the territory selected to be available on your selected existing telephone line. The rights and license is available for the company to keep for as long as they have use for it.

The use of these 1300 telephone numbers makes the cost factor for the company more affordable than the usual media advertising that is used by many of them. To be able to expand the business the company needs to find the most cost effective and functional methods available. The number system has proved its effectiveness as a valuable tool in this aspect.

Using a 1300 numbers system makes the company using them unique and allows then to stand out from the competitors. The numbers also projects an image of professionalism and that of a substantial and larger company than what the real position is. The awareness that this numbers will bring for the company will be extremely difficult for their competitors to match.

Being referred to more often and easier is an advantage that 1300 numbers will create about the word-of-mouth advertising that is vital for every company trying to be the market leader in their field.

What is a 1300 phonewords number service?

The use of 1300 numbers make life easier for the clients and research has proved that when someone has to call a number where the various options include Phonewords the likely hood of them calling this is considerably higher that calling the conventional way. Ownership of the 1300 numbers remains with the Australian Government and this system is controlled by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). The phonewords numbers is released and available in two different ways to the clients and is the normal release numbers and smartNumbers bought at auctions held by the Australian Government.

The 1300 numbers release as free numbers can be selected by the client from a list available for this purpose and include Premium Platinum and gold numbers available at applicable fees. The auctioned numbers can be bought by placing a $250.00 minimum bid to try and secure a specific number or name for the business. This name will normally be the name under which the company is trading or a product / service that is well known and provided by them.

The important facts of 1300 numbers is that the client must realise that this number must be actively used and they may not put this on hold or suspend the number for use in the future. When the service gets disconnected for any reason the number will be taken back and after a period become available through auction or free number list. The number is leased exclusively for a period ranging from 12 months to twenty years by the user or business wishing to have a custom number to increase their call volume and sales.

The two ways in which 1300 numbers can be secured.

The 1300 numbers introduced is owned and issue by the Australian Government and the control is vested with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). Although payment of the premium fee does not give the company ownership of the number it serves to be able to select something more suitable to recognition of the company that a random number. The normal rules of not being able to suspend or retain the number for use somewhere in the future applies to 1300 numbers obtained via an auction. Should the company wish to surrender the number it will first stay in quarantine for a period before being made available on a future auction.

The popularity and increased use of these 1300 numbers has been instrumental in the most effective and generic names becoming unavailable and the clients getting into the system is faced with having to select less effective names for the smartnumbers. Getting the number on auction required the client to do a name search for availability and then register for the auction by paying the applicable fee. The number ids then added to the auction and a carrier must be selected for registration purposes only. The client must then wait for the auction and if successful start using the number.

Using a service that specialize in supplying 1300 numbers can save the company considerable time and aggravation. The numbers is available on a list from which the customer can chose and the commit to a lease contract of their choice. Although locked into a contract the business has exclusive use of the number and can further select the period they wish to use the number for. The disadvantages is in the choice of names but it must be remembered that the best names is long gone and there is always a possibility of suitable names available on their list. The process is also faster and makes the use of this tool quicker to yield results.

How can 1300 numbers make your organisation recognisable to clients?

Trying to cope with a difficult economic climate is reason enough for the Australian business to use every available marketing tool to its best advantage. The effective use of these specialised tools to grow and expand the business comes at a price that will affect the overall profitability of any company. The effective ad skilled marketing expert in the organisation will investigate the means available and within the budget constraints use the most effective means to carry the brand and image into this competitive market. The marketing expert is faced with media advertising that is effective but very costly and the results is not always as effective as it should be. Remembering the name of a brand, product or company is some of the disadvantages the organisation may experience.

The release of 1300 numbers has opened a new and exciting concept to make the clients aware of the business at a relatively small marketing cost. The fact that the name can be incorporated into this easy to recognise marketing tolls is very effective. Consider the effectiveness of a billboard advert with a random 10 digit contact number visible for a few seconds or an advertisement with a 1300 MILK number. The recognition is immediate and the product is easily recognised and remembered. The effectiveness of 1300 numbers is absolutely brilliant to use in any marketing campaign.

Call cost for the client is also removed and the client may feel more inclined calling from a remote areas knowing they will only pay the cost of a local call. The company is receiving another major benefit when they branches in different parts of Australia as there is only one number now listed to contact any of these outlets. Again the client can remember these 1300 numbers easier as opposed to scanning through a list of numbers finding the outlet in their area.

Having the 1300 numbers connected to either a mobile or fixed line makes this a great advantage in certain industries. The further advantage is that when moving premises and even the location of the business the number remains unchanged. The fact alone has had serious business and marketing implications for many businesses in the world. Receiving international calls through the 1300 system as well as sms messages makes this the perfect tool for any professional company with the aim of expanding its market share to being the leader in their respective field

Getting Your Questions Answered About 1300 Numbers

Many Australians have a number of questions to ask with regards to using 1300 numbers. Companies like 1300EasyDial often gets asked a couple of thought provoking questions by consumers. Getting the answers to these will go a long way in helping businesses make the right choices as to whether they should select a smart number or make use of phone word numbers.


Small business owners in Australia will be particularly keen to get answers to assist them in their decision.


Questions and Answers on 1300 Numbers


What is a 1300 number?


The caller would be able to make his or her call from any Australian fixed landline to the 1300 number at the cost of a local phone call.


What would be considered as the most popular 1300 number plan?


The most popular 1300 Number Plan provides as much as 30 minutes of free talk time.


Will I be able to keep my 1300 number should I need to relocate?


Yes, all 1300 numbers are portable. In addition, when relocating, you do not have to pay anything. The other benefit is that there would be no need to reprint your stationery or notify any customers as your number would remain unchanged.


What are my routing options with 1300 numbers?


Depending on the phone number being dialed, your call can be routed in a number of different ways. It can even be further re-directed if the number being called is busy or no one is answering. The routing options offer a set of very useful features that are based on the time of the call, the location of the caller, and the destination number. You could speak to 1300EasyDial to assist you further in explaining the various options open to small business owners.

How to Choose the Right 1300 Number Supplier in Australia

Depending on your business requirements as small business owner, the process in setting up either 1300 or 1800 numbers can become quite complex. Often times government bodies make the whole process more complicated due to a whole lot of features that are required such as time based routing, overflow as well as a daunting provision process. In general, most companies should be able to easily supply you with free setup, configuration updates, etc.

From here, your next step involves getting your 1300 number by settling on a few numbers or an actual number. Telcos (Australian telecommunication company) would have a public list of numbers that has a thousand or more available numbers listed. Unfortunately, due to these numbers being available to most people, a lot of the sought after numbers are already taken. Should you be looking to source a phone number that spells a word, you would call it a smartnumber which you would purchase from an auction. On the other hand you could always get in touch with 1300EasyDial based in Australia.

The minute you selected a company, and found numbers that are suite, you should make your application. In general, 1300 numbers would only get supplied on credit. Therefore, you can expect to sign a contract or even conclude a direct agreement with the Telco company. In most cases you need to wait around 5 to 6 business days to get your number registered and ready to use.

One example relates the true story of a powerful group marketing manager, Byres. As the Group Marketing Manager of Motor Finance Week, he was offering low cost finance to all used-car buyers. Telstra made use of 1300 numbering for which the phone word would be 1300CarlLoan or 1300 227 562. You could cage that the number was central to an advertising campaign to help create an awareness around car financing services. It is best to call 1300 numbers due to the ease of remembering businesses phone numbers. In turn, customers will remember your brand. It peaked to about 10,000 in July month, and went on to settle at around 7500 since October. Nowadays the 1300 numbering system changed dramatically with regards to inquiry mix of which 3/4 of it comes through the phone number. According to resources, ads using phone name numbers would generate nearly three times more.

1300EasyDial can vouch for that as they have all kinds of businesses getting in touch with them to help secure an appointment due to a hardly noticeable customer incoming calls coming their way. It makes perfect sense to go with the professional like 1300EasyDial.

Put a Smile on Your Customer’s Dial with 1300 Numbers

It is easy to put a broad smile on your customer’s face through using 1300 Numbers. Whether you are a franchise or small business owner doing business in Australia, always keep in mind that the success of your business depends on your customers. Why not make things a little easier by providing them with a user friendly 1300 number so they can remember your company’s contact number.


1300 Numbers are Business Tools


To make your 1300 numbers work for your business it is important to make use of a phone word that is synonymous with your business name. Your customers will love you for it.


In the event that the desired phone name or word is taken, you could also link the number to one of your popular products or services to help your customer remember your contact number.


This is why 1300 numbers are regarded as business tools. Not only that, these numbers are portable which means you take it wherever you decide to go. Loyal customers of yours will never struggle to find you again should you have to relocate to another area.


Australian business owners, who have fleets or mobile businesses, will find 1300 numbers to be the ideal way to conduct business.


More and more small business owners in Australia have the opportunity to have a big presence in the business world thanks to 1300 numbers as provided by companies like 1300Easydial.


Making it Easy for Your Customers with 1300 Numbers


Customers who are looking for flooring will find it super easy to remember 1300Flooring than still having to find their phonebook or look for that business card they misplaced somehow.


Even if you do not have an office or fixed phone line, you could use 1300 numbers which also makes it easier on your customers to always get hold of you no matter where you are.


1300 Numbers Ensures Ease of use for Small Business Owners


Companies like 1300Easydial provide the means for your business to always be contactable. Even if you are unable to take the call, messages will be delivered to your cellphone so you never lose out on business. You could be calling your prospective customer within minutes after receiving the text.


Australian small business owners love the ease of using 1300 numbers whether they prefer making use of a home phone number, business line or cellphone number, they are contactable 24/7.


You too can make a difference in your turnover by contacting companies like 1300Easydial to set up your 1300 number phone name of phone word for your busines

Why You Should be Securing Your 1300 Numbers

There is reason to believe that every small business owner should get themselves 1300 numbers. It is the latest trend that has many a business owner talking. You will find it to be cost effective and an innovative way to come across as professional and meaning business as a small business owner.


Benefits to Your Customers


Your customer will not like you, they will love you. This is why:


  • 1300 numbers allow your customers to reach your business at the cost of a local phone call – It is so Easy


  • Customers will be able to reach you at anytime regardless of your location as calls are forwarded to your mobile phone instead


  • 1300 numbers have only 10 digits which make it a lot easier to recall


  • Small business owners will be able to measure their marketing success and also identify any issues their customers may have


There are several advantages in making use of 1300 numbers. One of the greatest advantages are that you will never have to miss out on attracting business again.


Why Should You Care to Use 1300 Numbers?


It is far better to make use of 1300 numbers than using your landline as business owner. Check the list below to see why experts at 1300EasyDial say so:


  • You could combine your call completion products with call management in order to accommodate any of your business needs. Experience a cost reduction due to the way your calls get handled


  • Companies like 1300EasyDial would be able to provide you with very valuable information with regards to your contact management process. Further to this, you will gain insight into the advertising and marketing performance of your business


  • Once you relocate, you do not need to apply for a new line which is what you’ll have to do when you have a landline. You take your 1300 numbers with you wherever you go in Australia



Some of the Smarter Features of 1300 Numbers


It makes perfect sense to use 1300 numbers for your small business in Australia. Take a look to see why this is the case:


  • Easily divert all calls when it appears to be busy or when there is no answer. Do not ever lose out on potential business again


  • Your business could actually screen calls to ensure you do not handle calls from outlying areas. This way you keep your costs down


  • Outside of business hours, you can simply have your calls forwarded to your mobile phone to ensure you have the competitive edge over your competitors


All you need to do to benefit from using 1300 numbers is to contact 1300EasyDial and they will get back to you sooner than you think to discuss your business needs.

Get Your Own 1300 Number

Get your own 1300 number

Every Australian business owner should have 1300 numbers. Not only will it enhance your business image, but it will increase the number of callers who are interested in doing business with you. Companies offering these services have a comprehensive range of features that is perfect for any Australian small business owner to medium sized businesses.

There might be a couple of questions running through your mind about using 1300 numbers for your business.

Questions About 1300 Numbers

Who actually owns the 1300 number allocated to your company is one of the questions that may have crossed your mind?

The Australian government owns all phone numbers which in turn is controlled by the ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority). The only difference with 1300 numbers, is that it gives you the ability to choose a customised number that is easier for your prospective clients to remember.

Is is viable for your customers to call you on a 1300 number?

Your callers will only pay the price of a local phone call when calling you. Provided they call you from a fixed Australian landline of course.

What special deals do the business owner using 1300 numbers get?

Account holders of 1300 numbers will receive the first few minutes FREE after which a low call rate will apply. It all depends which calling plan they are on.

Who Should be Using 1300 Numbers?

Any Australian business owner who wants a shot at improving their business brand and receive better exposure should strongly consider getting themselves a 1300 number. You could take a look by browsing some options at 1300easydial.com.au

There are some very attractive options to any business that gets the majority of incoming calls from local callers. They will certainly benefit from the FREE talk time.


How Business Owners and Their Customers Will Benefit From 1300 Numbers

Best of all, you get to use a phone word after the 1300 number. This certainly makes it a lot easier for your customers to remember your business phone number and to do business with you.

Business owners who used 1300 numbers said that it had a positive impact on all their marketing and advertising activities as it lead to increased sales and better profits overall.

Using 1300 numbers can be seen as a very cost effective marketing tool for business owners. This can be seen in that your number always stay the same even if your should move your business to another area in Australia. What is more is that it reduces the perception among your customers that you may be a small business owner.

It makes perfect sense for any small to medium business owner to make use of 1300 numbers when hoping to attract more business.