Leverage the Full Power of 1300 Numbers

Now is as good a time as any to mean business by leveraging the full power of 1300 numbers. Being in possession of a 1300 number as a small business owner in Australia is the best way to boost your business.

Not only does it improve your business image, but it also encourages your customers to call you. Furthermore, it improves your credibility, makes relocation very easy, and your calls are analysed to provide you with a proper overview of how your business is doing.

1300 Numbers – Features and Benefits

It is real easy to obtain your 1300 number. All you need to do is make your selection from a list of available numbers or words, which can be done by heading over to www.1300easydial.com.au.

Best of all, the numbers you have chosen will work in conjunction with your current mobile phone or landline number. Now that is what we call having full power to do business the way you like it. Your customers will love you for it.

Another useful benefit is that you only pay for calls that came through to your number. However, you can utilise a special package made available by companies like 1300 Easydial that would include talk time. The minute you exceed your cap limit, you need to pay a specific rate for additional calls.

What makes 1300 numbers so desirable is that business owners need not wait to go live. New numbers are instantly connected to ensure you are in business immediately

Business owners do not have to be concerned about being losing out in securing a specific word as the minimum lease term is one year and maximum is 20 years. So the 1300 number selected can very well be theirs for life.

As an added benefit, you can even opt for live answering services to be added to your 1300 numbers plan. This will ensure you do not miss any calls that may have resulted in sales profits. A well trained operator will handle these calls for you.

Small business owners work according to a tight budget and would appreciate the fact that companies like 1300 Easydial do not add additional costs that are often times perceived as hidden costs. It is a case of what you see is what you get. Your monthly charge is locked in for the duration of your contract.

Now is your chance to compete with businesses that are larger than yours by utilising the power of 1300 numbers. Get on board today. Call 1300 Easydial now!

Why Are 1300 Numbers Such an Effective Marketing Tool?

If defining your personal or business image is important to you, then 1300 numbers might be just the thing you need.

1300 phone words promote a new level of communication that is individual and relationship enhancing. As a business tool, phone words by companies such as 1300 Easy Dial are convenient and accessible to more people in Australia. This is due to the multiple characteristics found within the phoneword that is also the driving force behind this new highly effective marketing tool that has been existence for some time now. It will definitely transform the way how people will engage with each other in future, and infiltrate all aspects of modern society.

The benefits of 1300 numbers include, among many others, greater accessibility and mobility. In the fast-paced lifestyle led by many, phone names have a powerful competitive edge over other marketing tools. It sure is the best way to unburden the consumers you are doing business with from having to remember your number. According to research conducted, 1300 phone words are so much easier for people to recall than any normal number.

One reason is that you do not have to wrack your brains to remember the number, but just remember the name. It is all too easy to look at a billboard poster, notice the 1300 numbers without a chance of ever forgetting it when needed most. Who wants to miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime in utilising the power of this powerful and effective marketing tool. No one would have to struggle to remember your number or try and locate it from somewhere.

Even in our modern era where almost everyone are in possession of a smartphone, and are used to getting emails and other useful feeds via one or the other App, 1300 phonewords make life so much easier for everyone. It is a sure indication that companies like 1300 Easy Dial has kept up with the technological advancements made.

1300 numbers are fast transforming the way B2B and B2C get to have a large share of the market place in Australia. It is as simple as using the alpha numeric keypads on your landline or smartphone where specific sequences would spell words. Instead of dealing with a long numeric phone number, you only need to recall something like 1300 ELECTRICIAN when needing the services of an electrician. How easy is that?

What’s more is that there is the possibility that 1300 numbers can serve as a trademark to help protect the marketing of services or products meant for a targeted group of people. In this regard an insurance company could make use of two different phone words when honing in on a specific target market – for instance, 1300 Car Policies and 1300 Home Insurance.

Why 1300 Phone Numbers Work

Studies showed that 1300 phone numbers have the ability to increase response rates obtained from advertising by more than 400%. How much easier isn’t it to remember phone numbers like 1300 PLASTER that got advertised on radio compared to say 1300 752 7837. You too can find your perfect phone word.

1300 Phone Numbers that Perform Well

There are several types of phone words that did very well for to those who own them. We will go into a bit more detail and show two examples of different kinds of phone numbers and what benefit they have. You just have to make use of the popular search tool known as the 1300 Australia Phone Word to find 1300 phone numbers that will do very well.

Phone Words for Products

If you happen to sell a certain product, and you want to stand out as head above shoulders from your competitors, then you should strongly consider using 1300 numbers where phone words are being used. Some good examples include 1300 GUTTERS and 1300 ROOFS.

Phone Words for Industries

Businesses wanting to dominate a given industry need to make use of 1300 numbers as it offers the biggest scope. Can you imagine how powerful a position a company cleaning carpet would have with 1300 CARPET CLEANERS? This is how most businesses are able to maximise their offline marketing position.

It is only a matter of time before Australia would have breached the gap between themselves and the USA in terms of phone word popularity. 1300 numbers are fast becoming a very popular way for business owners small to large to reach their target market. Currently, phone words have completely saturated America which makes it virtually impossible to find a competitive phone word. Luckily for most, there is still a good chance of obtaining top 1300 numbers from companies like 1300 EASY DIAL.

Research have shown why phone words are working so well in Australia right now. We have include some reasons for this down below:

  • 1300 phone numbers are very easy to recall
  • Businesses have the edge over their competitors
  • Phonewords are portable
  • Business owners are able to maximise their ROI through advertising

It is heart warming to see that Australian business owners are embracing phone words in much the same way as the Americans have done. It is easy to see from the aforementioned why 1300 phone numbers work.

Why 1300 numbers using phone words are so valuable

Now you can make your business stand out as different through using 1300 numbers. Phone words has taken Australia by storm. 1300 phone words are also known as vanity 800 number in the USA. It is the alphanumeric equivalent of your phone number. Looking at the keypad of your handset, you will be able to locate the corresponding digits to each letter of a particular phone word. These letters would form a word or abbreviation of a popular word used to market your business with.

Phone Words are Preferred by Many Businesses

It has been proven that businesses will improve their response rate by up to 60% using phone words as a direct response tool when advertising. This would also include advertising material such as TV and outdoor peripherals. Studies showed that 1300 numbers are more effective than traditional numbers in prompting prospects to respond.

Phone words in Australia would get you twice as many calls compared to traditional numbers. The fact that more than 90% of Australians indicated that they are aware of alphanumeric dialing boosts the confidence of various businesses in making use of phone words.

The Price of Phone Words

Going back to 2004 when phone words made it debut on the market aby ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority, some 1300 numbers were sold for as much as AUD$ 1 million. 1300 TICKETS earned AUD$300,000. This is maybe why certain phone words were referred to as smart numbers.

Three Phone Word Options

Currently you will find that anyone wishing to make use of phone words would be presented with three options – 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers. What are the differences between the prefixes and the length of specific numbers? It can be anywhere between 6 to 10 digits and the license costs would vary, depending whether you want to make use of 1300 numbers or 1800 numbers. With a 13 or 1300 number, the costs of the call would be shared between the recipient and caller. On the other side of the coin, 1800 numbers would offer their clients free national calls where the total cost would be covered by the recipient.

If you want a phone number that makes you stand out from among your competitors, that is also easy for your customers to recall, then 1300 numbers is the way to go through using phone words. Anyone running an existing business or starting a new one should use it as a marketing tool.

Using 1300 Phone Numbers as Your Own Powerful Marketing Tool

Larger businesses are often seen using 1300 numbers in Australia as their contact number. Smaller companies followed suite by attaching a 1300 number to their business name to make them appear like they are part of a larger corporation. Both smaller and larger business owners make use of this number as their advertising and marketing tool in order to attract prospects.

Nothing is set in stone in that you would automatically attract more sales whenever you make use of 1300 numbers. You would have to delve deep and do your homework to find which phone word would give you the most advertising power and put you in a strong strategic position. On using a 1300 phone number in Australia, you will be able to keep tabs on how well your advertising and marketing campaign is doing. This way you will be able to ascertain where the best response is coming from, and which areas would require more attention.

Amazingly 1300 numbers prove to be ideal for businesses set within a local region. Although it is just as effective when used nationally. The only snag is that callers have to share the cost of the phone call. The good news is that when they make a call nationally, they only pay the cost of a local phone call. By using a cell phone, the caller would pay the cost as charged by their cellphone service provider.

Owners of 1300 phone numbers only need to pay a small monthly cost, and would be afforded the opportunity to make 20 minutes of free local calls using their landline. Once the minutes have been used up, the owner of the 1300 number would need to pay for the remainder of the calls they receive. Unfortunately, the same does not apply to mobile phone numbers.

Various rerouting options are made available through using 1300 numbers in Australia. You will find that these are time based in that incoming calls would be directed to your office landline and be redirected to your mobile number after hours. There will be no more losing out on business due to missing calls from potential buyers. On the other hand the calls can be received at more than one answering point.

In order to promote your business even further, you should utilise smart phone number where the number 1300 would be followed by your business name or the product name you are promoting. This is why businesses all around Australia prefer using 1300 numbers.

Things to Take Note of with regards to 1300 Number Word Marketing

Seen to be one of the biggest benefits to 1300 numbers word marketing is that the message in the form of a phone word will reach masses of people all at once. This is far more powerful than radio or television advertising where marketers would need to rely on people either listening or watching the ad being displayed. Even bulletin boards as a huge in your face type of advertising isn’t nearly as effective as phone words are as people have to walk pass them.

Another thing often not taken into account is that word marketing is the preferred way for consumers to get in touch with businesses. They love the fact that companies think of ways to making it easier for their customers to remember their contact number, which in a huge way shows they care as it would require money to be spend in registering for 1300 numbers.

If companies are too loud in your face with marketing methods used, which can include cold calling, then it is unlikely that consumers would be attracted to do business with them in the first place. Whereas phone words uses a different marketing tactic that is more of a soft sell where the customers are made to feel important enough as they can see the relevant company cares for them in using 1300 numbers.

The really cool thing about 1300 phone words is that you can have it listed on your website, vehicles, or on your store windows for all your customers to see take note of. It will definitely benefit your profit margins in creating an awareness about your products and services everywhere your prospects go. Your phone word or phone name is your message to the world out there.

Often times, marketing your brand through a radio or TV commercial is considerably more expensive than using word marketing. You could still make the necessary changes to your 1300 numbers if need be without running into a lot of trouble.

In addition, phone words as marketing messages serves to boost your future revenue and is a superb ROI which other types of advertising will find hard to imitate.

Word marketing is one of the best ways to communicate what your business is about and driving them to your product or service. It sure is a great help to any Australian business owner. Now is the time to utilise the power of 1300 numbers as the availability of suitable phone words are fast running out.

The Role Phone Words Such as 1300 Numbers Play in Promoting Your Brand

Companies and those wishing to promote their brand find that there are more than one way to accomplish this, especially if you have 1300 numbers at your disposal. Some of the ways businesses incorporate into their marketing plan involves using print, online and broadcasting to promote their products and services.

Among the marketing methods used, phone words such as 1300 numbers gained much popularity among small to medium sized company owners. This is due to its easy readability and memorizing capabilities. It becomes progressively easier for their prospects to contact them when they make use of easy to remember phone words. Overall, they find that their profits increase too.

It is not uncommon to find phone word displayed on posters and billboards. The fact that they are huge in size makes it easy for passersby to read what is stated on it. The main reason why 1300 numbers play such an important part in promoting your brand is its ability to attract a large number of interested prospects.

People looking at it are able to grasp what it is all about in one single glance. This is all it takes to make phone words work for your brand or product. Numerous businesses around Australia as in other parts of the world have discovered the various benefits associated in making use of phone words.

There are a large number of benefits associated with phone words such as service visibility and brand recognition. Not too mention that is makes your product or brand stand out as uniquely different within the market place. Many businesses made use of 1300 numbers to double their profits and strengthen their position among their competitors. A person or client simply have to retrieve a known phone word of the top of their head to get in touch with a company or organisation of their choice. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to buy licenses from well-known phone words providers such as 1300 Easy Dial.

As more and more businesses are jumping onboard the 1300 number phone word market, it is predominantly becoming harder for other to find a phone word that has a powerful market reach. This is all the more reason why others hoping to rake in huge sums of cash using simplified phone numbers in the form of phone words would do themselves a favour to do the same.

The beauty of sourcing a phone word that is a perfect match for what you have to offer is that once you managed to buy the rights to a 1300 phone number, you get to use it as long as have the license for it. The foremost benefit in doing so is that others cannot copy what you have. Taking full advantage of phone words will ensure you experience huge turnovers in your business dealings.

The Numerous Advantages Associated with 1300 Phone Numbers

Businesses who promote their products and services using 1300 numbers share various qualities among themselves, such as the following:


  • A better focus towards customer satisfaction in ease of contactability.
  • The ability to deliver value and realize their vision without compromise
  • Superior responsive times from the customer service team


Business owners or managers who are looking to secure a good communication system that provides them with a positive ROI would find 1300 numbers to be very useful.


At the very core of good communications would be to have the necessary insight as to what makes customers tick and what they would appreciate. Phone words helps business people do that. It is about the way you engage with our customers and helping them find ways to easily engage with you in turn, which is something that 1300 numbers would help you achieve.


The challenge to source ways that would add value to your customers and increase your ROI becomes increasingly harder to do. This would include finding ways to make it easier for your customer to communicate or connect with you. Phone words are the medium business owners should use to give them that extra special touch and in letting their customer know they really care.


Take a look at some of the advantages associated with 1300 numbers:


  • Firstly, some of the 1300 number suppliers in Australia would provide subscribers with reporting capabilities. This would permit you to view information about the range of phone calls you got through using an online management system. You get to see exactly where calls came from, at what time calls were made while comparing both the present and historic call quantities. This is great for wanting to figure out how many staff members are needed to man the telephones.


  • Secondly, a 1300 phone number would be state based and make use of region based routing. If you happen to have various locations around Australia, then state based routing will allow your customers to call in from certain states to your 1300 phone word. In cases where you have several premises in one state, then region based routing would be the way to go.


  • Thirdly, smaller businesses would be able to combine their 1300 numbers using a live answering service. This works very well in that if you do not answer your call within 15 seconds, the call will be rerouted to the nearest call centre to deal with any queries related to your product or service on your behalf.

The Amazing Hidden Power of 1300 Numbers as Phone Words

We tend to underestimate the power words have, especially 1300 numbers. It is simply amazing how words get to set a tone. Remarkably, certain words can either make or break someone’s day for them. It can either inspire you to buy, or steer you in the opposite direction, where you do not feel the need to buy anything.


Words can even move you to perform your best when working, or to kick against it. In other words, using the right phone words can either motivate someone into using your service or buy your product, or it will put them off from even thinking about it.


There is a certain kind of magic or hidden power in phone words, unlike it counterpart ‘standard phone numbers’. They will either inspire and empower you into action, or disempower you. For this reason business people who decide to make use of 1300 numbers need to choose their phone words carefully.


One just have to think about how powerful a tool words that are used correctly can be. Is it for nothing that the bible refers to it as a two edged sword. You could either create the most wonderful and beautiful thoughts through the words you use, or destroy all kind thoughts around you in what you say.


It if often best to put a watch on your mouth and first think what kind of impact your spoken words will have on those around you. The same holds true for business owners who want their 1300 numbers to have a powerful effect on their prospects. They should look at ways of satisfying the needs and wants of consumers through using the right phone word.


Now that the magic or hidden power of words are out in the open, what power phone words would be appropriate to use for your business? Besides, you want to gain the interest of future customers and make it easy for them to get hold of you. The best way to do this would be to name the service or product you are providing and featuring it as part of your 1300 phone word.


There should be no doubt in the mind of your prospects as to what you are all about. The main aim should be capture their interest and spur them into action in wanting to learn more with the selected 1300 numbers.


It is not a good idea to use phone words that sound good or intellectual, the words chosen should have a definite purpose and serve to entice, persuade and motivate others into doing business with you. Companies like 1300 Easy Dial has the tools and means to make this a reality.

Marketing Your Business Using Used and New Phone Words Starting with 1300 Numbers

Business owners are happy to learn that they can make use of phone words to market their business with. Even though there are numerous phone numbers they could make use of, 1300 numbers have a prominent place with Australian business people.

As with anything, as business owner you would need some more information about phone words starting with the number 1300 before deciding on using it. Below are a few pointers why marketing your business using phone words are regarded as a good option:
It is amazing to realize that just over 85% of Australians are making use of SMS as a means of communicating. When you focus your attention on 1300 numbers you will discover that it is the way of the future, and that people in Australia would simply use that same smartphone or cellphone to call their preferred service provider by tapping into their memories instead of still having to bother finding their phone number.
Companies who make use of phone words starting with the number 1300 will find it super easy to relocate to other areas of Australia when need be. All this without having to reprint or modify your business stationery and documentation in any way as your 1300 numbers remain the same wherever you go. Anyone calling a business using phone words would be redirected to the location where they find themselves.

Calls made to your 1300 phone word would either go to the nearest call centre or to your cellphone, meaning you never have to lose out on business.

Texting to 1300 numbers are another acceptable form of communication as it can handle voice as well as SMS communications. This increases your market reach as most customers nowadays prefer texting as opposed to calling in.

Customers will find that the first 15 minutes of calls made to a 1300 phone number is free of charge. This enables consumers to reach their preferred service provider without spending too much money if any at all.

Business people all around Australia find that using 1300 numbers are a good marketing tool as well due to the fact that the intend of their business is spelled out by the words following the 1300 prefix. Consumers would prefer dealing with businesses who make it easier on them to recall their phone number while saving them money on paying for phone calls made.