Happy Customers Talk About 1300 Easydial Phonewords…

“We ramped up from 17 calls per month when we started the business in February  to a peak of 766 calls per month in July”

Peter Nikakis

“Since having our business name as our phone number 1800 MOVEONE, many new customers have commented on how easy it is to remember and most importantly how easy it is to find us.”

Jim Kelsey
Move One

“In only 2 months of operating with 1300FOCUSFIT we have received over 100 calls. I believe these are over and above our normal phone calls.”

Travis Fitzpatrick
Focus Fitness

“We are thrilled with our new PhoneWord! Since it’s inception in July ’06 the PhoneWord, 1300 FERNWOOD has worked extremely well with our TV and Outdoor advertising campaigns…”

Vicki Ginders
Member Acquisition Manager, Fernwood Women’s Health Clubs

“Getting our inbound number 1300 CHARITEL has been one of the best decisions our business has ever made. Not only does it identify our company directly, our customers and partners are able to remember our number at any time.”

Michael Smith