Special Phone Words for Real Estate Brokers: Making Things Unique

Any real estate agent will use every option possible to better position themselves as the more reliable resources compared to other agents. One way to get there is to assemble some unique phone words to accurately label your business. In a guest contribution to the property agent publication Elite Agent, Chris Fitzpatrick stated that making a phone word involves the same principle as the use of alphanumerics as a mnemonic device for remembering PINs.Continue reading

Getting 1800 or 1300 Numbers for Business Requires a Lot of Planning

If you’re aiming to have more customers calling you up for sales inquiries or to start arranging a new deal, some business advisers may recommend you have custom numbers for dedicated lines. It can be either a 1800 number or fresh 1300 numbers, but as an article in Australia’s Business Hub states, choosing them needs careful thought and consideration. This is where companies that establish special numbers like 1300 EasyDial can help you.

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Phone Words: The Difference Between 1800 Numbers and 1300 Numbers

Now that a lot of people are relying more on their mobile phones, it’s important to provide contact details that can be easily remembered by anyone, and getting phone words for your business is one sure way to become memorable. Whether posted on billboards, on your website, or on your social media accounts, a memorable number can greatly help in making your business stand out, since these could be more eye-catching instead of displaying or giving a bunch of random numbers.

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What’s Your 1300 Number? Choosing Memorable Phone Words for Business

Mobile phones are becoming increasingly important, and are an important mode of communication in the modern world. In this fast-paced and ever-changing times dominated by portable, handheld gadgets, making your brand memorable is one sure way of enticing prospective consumers into acquiring your products and services. There are hundreds of marketing options, usually through print, radio, or through the Internet, which could help make your business memorable among people, but there could be one effective marketing method that you’re missing out on—well-chosen phone words.

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Why Phone Words Really Matter for Your Brand

Selecting the right phone words is imperative if you hope to establish a powerful brand name for yourself. It has to have a distinct personality in order to explain why customers need to do business with you. So, the words you use to describe your products or services need to leave no doubt in the mind of your customers as to what your brand represents.

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Leverage the Full Power of 1300 Numbers

Now is as good a time as any to mean business by leveraging the full power of 1300 numbers. Being in possession of a 1300 number as a small business owner in Australia is the best way to boost your business.

Not only does it improve your business image, but it also encourages your customers to call you. Furthermore, it improves your credibility, makes relocation very easy, and your calls are analysed to provide you with a proper overview of how your business is doing.

1300 Numbers – Features and Benefits

It is real easy to obtain your 1300 number. All you need to do is make your selection from a list of available numbers or words, which can be done by heading over to www.1300easydial.com.au.

Best of all, the numbers you have chosen will work in conjunction with your current mobile phone or landline number. Now that is what we call having full power to do business the way you like it. Your customers will love you for it.

Another useful benefit is that you only pay for calls that came through to your number. However, you can utilise a special package made available by companies like 1300 Easydial that would include talk time. The minute you exceed your cap limit, you need to pay a specific rate for additional calls.

What makes 1300 numbers so desirable is that business owners need not wait to go live. New numbers are instantly connected to ensure you are in business immediately

Business owners do not have to be concerned about being losing out in securing a specific word as the minimum lease term is one year and maximum is 20 years. So the 1300 number selected can very well be theirs for life.

As an added benefit, you can even opt for live answering services to be added to your 1300 numbers plan. This will ensure you do not miss any calls that may have resulted in sales profits. A well trained operator will handle these calls for you.

Small business owners work according to a tight budget and would appreciate the fact that companies like 1300 Easydial do not add additional costs that are often times perceived as hidden costs. It is a case of what you see is what you get. Your monthly charge is locked in for the duration of your contract.

Now is your chance to compete with businesses that are larger than yours by utilising the power of 1300 numbers. Get on board today. Call 1300 Easydial now!

Benefit Your Business with Phone Number Names

Phone number names carry a range of benefits to serve your business interests. It will definitely benefit both your staff (Outsourced or not) and the business you’re in.

How Phone Number Names will Benefit Your Staff

You or your staff do not have to carry two mobile phones as the phone number name is already setup in such a way that it will divert calls to one number from anywhere

Tedious paperwork will be something of the past as detailed statements can be viewed online via your dashboard

Increased productivity as your staff can focus on making sales instead of calculating phone expenses and figuring out why the numbers do not tally

Benefiting Your Business

Reduce business expenses as you will elimate device purchases, replacements and save on costs associated with upgrading your phones

Business owners who opted for phone number names experience a huge cut in their mobile network charges. Reason being, they would have missed important calls, which meant they had to return the customer’s call to determine what the query was about. This will no longer be the case as the calls are re-routed to another unit where a professional operator will handle the call in cases where they are busy talking on their phone.

On relocating your business, you get to keep the same number, which can be a huge cost saving

Mobile expense administration is another area where small to medium sized business owners save big time

There is even an option where the entire conversation gets recorded so you can play it back later in case you have missed something important

The Power of Phone Number Names

With all these benefits and features is it any wonder that many an aspiring business owner wants their own phone number name? The message is clear. If other small business owners use this method for boosting their brand name and realize handsome profits in the process, then what stops you from achieving the same.

The power is in your hands to make things happen. Why not give 1300 Easydial a call and get hold of phone number names that matches your business perfectly. Often times you hear the saying that life does not give you second chances. Why wait any longer than you have to. Go ahead, pick up your phone, call 1300 Easydial today and experience the difference right away.