Acquiring one of many 1300 numbers is now seen as a necessary option to help customers reach out right away to a business owner regarding a product or service. As Chase Chekita said in the Toll Free blog, a 1300 number can be tweaked to redirect a customer’s call to an intended satellite location of a business.

Going for 1300 Business Numbers that Make Redirection Easy for You

Many businesses already vouch for the usefulness of smart numbers and phone words on marketing materials; all that is needed is to assign people in the organisation to receive the calls and act on them. However, if the business operates several branches located all over the state, responsibilities such as keeping them all in the loop and making sure that the right customer calls are heading their way require the assistance and expertise of companies like 1300 EasyDial.

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A primary function that a 1300 number can serve is to protect company lines, as being listed in a phone directory can mean getting inundated with too many calls. Even a business owner, for privacy and security reasons, can see the importance of not sharing their main number or to keep their mobile phone close at hand to prevent theft and unwanted disclosure of information.

From Here to There

If a call was made to the business over a 1300 number, a provider can aid in establishing a framework so multiple devices in the organisation will be able to receive the call. The telephone call overflow function comes into play so that if the original recipient had yet to pick up the phone, another one will be in place. According to blogger David Thomas, this may be an official company mobile phone, an answering service, or an answering machine; for the latter, take time to pre-record instructions to leave a message. Introduce yourself to the caller and assure them that a company representative will get back to them as soon as possible.

There’s nothing wrong with redirection if it means helping customers stay on the line and quickly talk to a person who can reliably address their concerns. Make it happen today by consulting a provider of 1300 and 1800 numbers.


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