Any real estate agent will use every option possible to better position themselves as the more reliable resources compared to other agents. One way to get there is to assemble some unique phone words to accurately label your business. In a guest contribution to the property agent publication Elite Agent, Chris Fitzpatrick stated that making a phone word involves the same principle as the use of alphanumerics as a mnemonic device for remembering PINs.

Special Phone Words for Real Estate Brokers Making Things Unique

Phone words have been a buzz in Australia for over a decade now, but some businesses or even general consumers still have a hard time comprehending how they really work. This underlines the importance of consulting specialist companies such as 1300 EasyDial regarding how to create the phone word with the strongest possible recall.

The Rare Gem

Part of the challenge of creating a unique phone word is studying which words click in your specific industry and whether anybody already had the same idea about your prospective phone words. This is especially applicable if your business has some satellite offices. This step also requires checking whether the Australian Communications and Media Authority has not parcelled out a specific 1300 number that can be accidentally interlinked with your phone word.

For the Industry

Discussions of your preferred phone words and number provider can hinge on how to treat every call as it comes in. In his contribution article, Fitzpatrick cited the case of a property firm that wanted the number “1300-REALESTATE”. An initial testing programme that involved putting the number on some marketing materials subsequently became successful enough to be implemented across all of the firm’s offices, with the necessary mechanisms to aid clients who wanted to buy or sell a property.


Locking in your business with a phone word and smart number can yield multiple benefits for your business, be it in real estate or any other industry. Increased calls are often one of them; in an interview with Business Review Weekly, retail mogul Harvey Norman related how a test radio ad campaign resulted in nearly three times more calls that the new number was subsequently made official. The Australian Phone Words Association noted that such calls may come in after the end of a certain ad campaign; this gives you the opportunity to steer the customer towards new offers.

Some customers inquiring about a product or service can be proud to say that they learned about a company from marketing materials featuring a catchy contact number. Why not make that leap for your firm as well? Get in touch with a smart numbers specialist today.


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