If you’re aiming to have more customers calling you up for sales inquiries or to start arranging a new deal, some business advisers may recommend you have custom numbers for dedicated lines. It can be either a 1800 number or fresh 1300 numbers, but as an article in Australia’s Business Hub states, choosing them needs careful thought and consideration. This is where companies that establish special numbers like 1300 EasyDial can help you.

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Getting to Know

Some communications experts say that in setting up a 1300 number for your business, you often have to pick between either a normal release number or smart number. Your preferred 1300 number service provider will help secure these numbers from the Australian Communications and Media Authority. Callers who contact you over the 1300 number will only be billed for the price of a regular local call.

In setting up your 1300 number, you can arrange things in such a way that the call be routed to your main office line, whether it’s on a desktop phone or your cellphone. For a bigger company, the routing system may be fixed to provide the caller with options to be connected to certain departments.

When 1800 Numbers are the Better Option

There are situations where sometimes, 1300 numbers just don’t work in attracting some customers, especially if some of them are across the country. That’s where a 1800 number comes in handy. The above article states that a 1800 number will accept calls from customers outside your area at no cost to them. That’s one of the main reasons why you see certain ads post toll-free numbers that start with 1800 and “operators are standing by to take your call.”

Choosing a 1800 number for your business can carry some advantages, aside from the location advantage. For instance, a 1800 number can be synchronised to your mobile or landline and will still remain active even if the business relocated to another place. Call routing functions enable the caller to be directed to their intended recipient, especially when you have a call centre.

Putting your main business phone lines under a 1300 number or a 1800 number can be worth its weight in gold when the phones fly off the hook from so many customer calls. Still, the success of those calls in the form of satisfied customers placing an order or learning more about the business depends on the professionalism and courtesy your team will convey.

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