Marketing your business to customers requires leaving much of an impact to help them remember where to find you and how to reach you. One way to do so is to make new smart numbers and make sure customers dial them right. In his article for communications technology site Hello Operator, Craig Borowski said crafting the right smart number requires some deep thinking.


Using special phone numbers has long been a critical asset in establishing a business’ brand and personality—you may have even dialled some yourself. The Australian Communications and Media Authority even aids in the process through a special fortnightly auction. When time is of the essence, however, you can secure your ideal vanity numbers through companies such as 1300 EasyDial.

Known in the First Place

In drumming up the potential smart number for your business, you must first hinge it on whether your chosen word/words are already garnering a reputation in your area, usually through a short survey of loyal customers or via word of mouth. If it’s not that well-known, Borowski says you need to verify if there’s any word or phrase that does describe what your business does or sells. The most viable or well-known word or phrase can be used as phone words.

Words into Numbers

With market visibility issues settled and you’ve decided on the word(s) to use, they will then be translated into the digits you will use for the vanity number, which your provider can suffix to either a 1300 or 1800 number. In certain cases, that phone word can be your company name, but explore the possibility of abbreviating the name in case it is too long. Make sure that if you abbreviate it, it doesn’t sound awkward or no other company has used it and its associated number before.

For example, take the case of a mobile make-up salon called Make Me Up. When linked to say a 1800 number with eight digits, that can result in 1800-MAKEMEUP, and the customer can dial 1800-625 363 on the phone keypad. Consult with your phone number provider and arrange for securing it with your telecoms service.

When you’re encouraging your customers to get in touch with you regarding your product or service, it’s almost second nature to guide them on where to visit or how to contact you. Let firms like 1300 EasyDial provide you with a special and memorable 1800 or 1300 number that takes customers little effort to recall and dial.

(Source: Decision Tree for Choosing the Perfect Vanity Number, Hello Operator)

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