Mobile phones are becoming increasingly important, and are an important mode of communication in the modern world. In this fast-paced and ever-changing times dominated by portable, handheld gadgets, making your brand memorable is one sure way of enticing prospective consumers into acquiring your products and services. There are hundreds of marketing options, usually through print, radio, or through the Internet, which could help make your business memorable among people, but there could be one effective marketing method that you’re missing out on—well-chosen phone words.


Providing your contact details to your prospective clients is necessary to let them know how they can reach your office should they be interested in buying your products and services. Creating a notable phone number for your business won’t only help customers remember the numbers to dial when trying to reach you, but it can also reel in curious individuals who would like to know more about your business and your offers. Just think: what would best stick in people’s mind, 1300-783257 or 1300 STEAKS?

Creating notable phone number words, however, require a lot of creativity on your part, and a little bit of technical help. Some phone words work and are received and remembered well by most people, while others might find them irksome. Considering the simple tips enumerated below can help your business choose the perfect number that people would very much remember.

Avoiding Hybrid Numbers

Hybrid numbers are those mixing phone words with numbers, such as 1-300-738-DOG, and these could cause confusion among many people. Although the word “DOG” might be easy enough to remember, people might still mix up and forget the other numbers on your contact details when you can simply want them to call 1-300-PET-DOG.

Brand Them

After coming up with a memorable phone number, don’t be shy and use it whenever and wherever you can: on online advertisements, on your brochures, or even on your establishment’s walls or vehicles. A memorable phone number, created with the help of companies such as 1300 EasyDial, can make people associate your business with the number, and thus, create a stronger brand image in whatever media.

Simple Spelling

Finally, when choosing effective phone words, the general rule of thumb is to avoid words containing the letters “Q” and “Z”, characters which may not have a designated number in older phone keypads. Moreover, create a number that can be easily spelled without problem, and in trying out your new number, think of how it might sound when repeated on the air or through conversations. If possible, try telling it to your friends or co-workers and gauge their reaction, or ask them to type the number they heard from you.

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