The benefits in using smart numbers to connect your world are far to numerous to cover them all. Key features that prove to be very attractive to small and medium sized business owners would be:

  • No contracts needed
  • There are no hidden extras
  • Unbeatable service and price

Smart numbers provided by companies such as 1300 Easydial are carried by the best networks that Australia has to offer.

It makes perfect sense for any business owner to create an authentic Aussie presence by making their selection from some of the best smart numbers to make them look professional and in charge of their business in the eyes of their customers.

Spoiled for Choice

Best of all, you can make your selection from either a 13, 1300 or even a 1800 number when doing business with 1300 Easydial

Toll free numbers like the 1800 smart number prove to be an indespendable business asset, regardless of whether you are small company or a larger one. For one, it sends your response rates through the roof. Then again, rumour has it that customers calling 1800 numbers from their cell phones will soon be able to do so for free.

Business owners will be pleased to hear that 1800 numbers can be diverted to either their home, business or mobile phone.

What makes smart numbers super attractive is the exceptional call quality and guaranteed reliability. Another thing worth mentioning is the range of call management features that are included when you opt for either a 1800, 1300 or 13 smart number.

Smart Number Solutions

The call solutions offered by smart number companies such as 1300 Easydial are among the most advanced and versatile services in Australia. There is no doubt that they offer the most popular call handling solutions available right now. It sure goes a long way to assist businesses with any incoming queries and sales in the most effective way possible.

Smart numbers utilises telephone technology to help business people plan, handle as well as review any of their calls like no other.

What makes this new way of doing business so desirable is that the monthly service fee include useful benefits such as; call diverting, call routing, call recording, stats, call announcement using whisper, campaign management and many more…

Why wait any longer? Do what other business owners did already. They connected to their world using numbers that are smart. Now is your chance to make use of smart numbers and experience profits like never before. All you have to do is pick up the phone and dial 1300 Easydial to secure your smart number right away.

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