Businesses invest in many marketing and advertising solutions to ensure that consumers can easily identify them among the vast number of companies in a highly competitive industry. Some of these solutions are broadcast media, search engine optimisation, and promotions. Among these marketing strategies is the use of smart numbers or phonewords.

Many entrepreneurs acquire smart numbers for their businesses. An article about phonewords details why:

The reason why most of the people are having it is because firstly it is very easy to remember and secondly businesses get much better response with regards to their product and service. For instance a bag manufacturing company can have its phone word as 1300 BAGS which is catchy and memorable. This numbers works as the best marketing strategy and they are very effective in attracting potential clients.

What Are Phone Words And How It Helps To Earn Profit

Basically, a business’s smart number is made up of the letters on a telephone keypad that coincide with those numbers and typically comprise the business’s name, product or service. Prefixes like 1300 and 1800 are the most common for smart numbers. Studies show that in Australia, smart numbers can generate five times more calls compared to a regular number, proving to be an effective marketing strategy as customers can easily retain them in memory.

Businesses and individuals can acquire smart numbers by purchasing them at auctions or by dealing directly with a carrier. Upon purchase, the buyer or the winning bidder does not become the owner of the number but only holds an enhanced right to use the smart number. After the contract expires, the buyer could then renew the contract.

Smart numbers have many benefits, one of which is increasing customer awareness. Phonewords are easier to remember. As a marketing tool, it can help track marketing efforts better, such as maintaining separate lines for different campaigns in print ads, websites and social media.

Having your own 1800 or 1300 number also adds a certain amount of credibility to your business. Smart numbers can significantly enhance a company’s image, especially for a small company, because it looks more professional. Having a toll-free number makes customers feel you are going to such lengths to hear from them.

Another great benefit is that smart words are not subject to location constraints. Whether your business is relocating or you are taking a call outside of the office, the time-based routing feature easily takes care of that. This feature could either patch the call through a mobile number or the company’s answering machine.

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