It is essential for any business to have a dedicated phone line so customers can easily reach it for queries or feedback. Many companies use 1800 numbers or toll-free numbers as a marketing strategy to encourage interaction with their customers. A toll-free number like 1-800-DOCTORS would be easier for customers to remember, making the brand or company associated with it faster to recall as well.

An article posted on a phone retailer’s site explains why your business needs a 1800 number:

With the continuous growth of business over the Internet, many small businesses are now considering toll free numbers to make themselves more accessible to a national customer base. As technology continues to make it easier for small businesses to serve customers beyond their local proximity, more and more small businesses are purchasing a toll free number as customer service and marketing tools.

5 Benefits of Having a Toll Free Numbe

Increases your chances of being contacted

Statistics show that most customers purchase from the company they’ve contacted through phone. Having a toll-free number, therefore, increases your chances of being called and, consequently, your chances of raising sales and average order size. Since consumers assume that companies with toll-free numbers are legitimate, this creates an image of trust and credibility in their minds.

Improves customer service

A toll-free number also boosts a business’s customer service, especially if the business relies on voice communication. Once the number is in place, though, the company should ensure it has the necessary equipment and personnel to handle incoming calls. Even if you have a website that features your products and services, it wouldn’t hurt to encourage your customers to place orders or voice out their concerns and questions through the phone.

Can be used on any type of phone

Another benefit of toll-free numbers is it could be received or transferred on any type of phone, including cellular or IP phones. A 1800 number call forwarding feature enables business owners to conduct transactions whether they’re on the road, at home, or virtually anywhere.

Today, toll-free numbers are fairly inexpensive and can be acquired easily, so it would only make sense for a business to invest in a toll-free number service such as 1300 Easy Dial. Learn more about toll-free numbers and what it can do for you. After all, more customers mean more income for your business.

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