There is reason to believe that every small business owner should get themselves 1300 numbers. It is the latest trend that has many a business owner talking. You will find it to be cost effective and an innovative way to come across as professional and meaning business as a small business owner.


Benefits to Your Customers


Your customer will not like you, they will love you. This is why:


  • 1300 numbers allow your customers to reach your business at the cost of a local phone call – It is so Easy


  • Customers will be able to reach you at anytime regardless of your location as calls are forwarded to your mobile phone instead


  • 1300 numbers have only 10 digits which make it a lot easier to recall


  • Small business owners will be able to measure their marketing success and also identify any issues their customers may have


There are several advantages in making use of 1300 numbers. One of the greatest advantages are that you will never have to miss out on attracting business again.


Why Should You Care to Use 1300 Numbers?


It is far better to make use of 1300 numbers than using your landline as business owner. Check the list below to see why experts at 1300EasyDial say so:


  • You could combine your call completion products with call management in order to accommodate any of your business needs. Experience a cost reduction due to the way your calls get handled


  • Companies like 1300EasyDial would be able to provide you with very valuable information with regards to your contact management process. Further to this, you will gain insight into the advertising and marketing performance of your business


  • Once you relocate, you do not need to apply for a new line which is what you’ll have to do when you have a landline. You take your 1300 numbers with you wherever you go in Australia



Some of the Smarter Features of 1300 Numbers


It makes perfect sense to use 1300 numbers for your small business in Australia. Take a look to see why this is the case:


  • Easily divert all calls when it appears to be busy or when there is no answer. Do not ever lose out on potential business again


  • Your business could actually screen calls to ensure you do not handle calls from outlying areas. This way you keep your costs down


  • Outside of business hours, you can simply have your calls forwarded to your mobile phone to ensure you have the competitive edge over your competitors


All you need to do to benefit from using 1300 numbers is to contact 1300EasyDial and they will get back to you sooner than you think to discuss your business needs.

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