If defining your personal or business image is important to you, then 1300 numbers might be just the thing you need.

1300 phone words promote a new level of communication that is individual and relationship enhancing. As a business tool, phone words by companies such as 1300 Easy Dial are convenient and accessible to more people in Australia. This is due to the multiple characteristics found within the phoneword that is also the driving force behind this new highly effective marketing tool that has been existence for some time now. It will definitely transform the way how people will engage with each other in future, and infiltrate all aspects of modern society.

The benefits of 1300 numbers include, among many others, greater accessibility and mobility. In the fast-paced lifestyle led by many, phone names have a powerful competitive edge over other marketing tools. It sure is the best way to unburden the consumers you are doing business with from having to remember your number. According to research conducted, 1300 phone words are so much easier for people to recall than any normal number.

One reason is that you do not have to wrack your brains to remember the number, but just remember the name. It is all too easy to look at a billboard poster, notice the 1300 numbers without a chance of ever forgetting it when needed most. Who wants to miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime in utilising the power of this powerful and effective marketing tool. No one would have to struggle to remember your number or try and locate it from somewhere.

Even in our modern era where almost everyone are in possession of a smartphone, and are used to getting emails and other useful feeds via one or the other App, 1300 phonewords make life so much easier for everyone. It is a sure indication that companies like 1300 Easy Dial has kept up with the technological advancements made.

1300 numbers are fast transforming the way B2B and B2C get to have a large share of the market place in Australia. It is as simple as using the alpha numeric keypads on your landline or smartphone where specific sequences would spell words. Instead of dealing with a long numeric phone number, you only need to recall something like 1300 ELECTRICIAN when needing the services of an electrician. How easy is that?

What’s more is that there is the possibility that 1300 numbers can serve as a trademark to help protect the marketing of services or products meant for a targeted group of people. In this regard an insurance company could make use of two different phone words when honing in on a specific target market – for instance, 1300 Car Policies and 1300 Home Insurance.

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