Studies showed that 1300 phone numbers have the ability to increase response rates obtained from advertising by more than 400%. How much easier isn’t it to remember phone numbers like 1300 PLASTER that got advertised on radio compared to say 1300 752 7837. You too can find your perfect phone word.

1300 Phone Numbers that Perform Well

There are several types of phone words that did very well for to those who own them. We will go into a bit more detail and show two examples of different kinds of phone numbers and what benefit they have. You just have to make use of the popular search tool known as the 1300 Australia Phone Word to find 1300 phone numbers that will do very well.

Phone Words for Products

If you happen to sell a certain product, and you want to stand out as head above shoulders from your competitors, then you should strongly consider using 1300 numbers where phone words are being used. Some good examples include 1300 GUTTERS and 1300 ROOFS.

Phone Words for Industries

Businesses wanting to dominate a given industry need to make use of 1300 numbers as it offers the biggest scope. Can you imagine how powerful a position a company cleaning carpet would have with 1300 CARPET CLEANERS? This is how most businesses are able to maximise their offline marketing position.

It is only a matter of time before Australia would have breached the gap between themselves and the USA in terms of phone word popularity. 1300 numbers are fast becoming a very popular way for business owners small to large to reach their target market. Currently, phone words have completely saturated America which makes it virtually impossible to find a competitive phone word. Luckily for most, there is still a good chance of obtaining top 1300 numbers from companies like 1300 EASY DIAL.

Research have shown why phone words are working so well in Australia right now. We have include some reasons for this down below:

  • 1300 phone numbers are very easy to recall
  • Businesses have the edge over their competitors
  • Phonewords are portable
  • Business owners are able to maximise their ROI through advertising

It is heart warming to see that Australian business owners are embracing phone words in much the same way as the Americans have done. It is easy to see from the aforementioned why 1300 phone numbers work.

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