The main benefits of 1300 numbers is the fact that your number automatically convey the message to the customer as well as a means to make contact. This huge advantage implies that customers can recall and remember the number of the company without having to search a directory or the internet.

The use of these 1300 numbers gives the business exclusive rights to the number already aimed at a specific market. The system allows calls from all over the country or the territory selected to be available on your selected existing telephone line. The rights and license is available for the company to keep for as long as they have use for it.

The use of these 1300 telephone numbers makes the cost factor for the company more affordable than the usual media advertising that is used by many of them. To be able to expand the business the company needs to find the most cost effective and functional methods available. The number system has proved its effectiveness as a valuable tool in this aspect.

Using a 1300 numbers system makes the company using them unique and allows then to stand out from the competitors. The numbers also projects an image of professionalism and that of a substantial and larger company than what the real position is. The awareness that this numbers will bring for the company will be extremely difficult for their competitors to match.

Being referred to more often and easier is an advantage that 1300 numbers will create about the word-of-mouth advertising that is vital for every company trying to be the market leader in their field.

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