The use of 1300 numbers make life easier for the clients and research has proved that when someone has to call a number where the various options include Phonewords the likely hood of them calling this is considerably higher that calling the conventional way. Ownership of the 1300 numbers remains with the Australian Government and this system is controlled by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). The phonewords numbers is released and available in two different ways to the clients and is the normal release numbers and smartNumbers bought at auctions held by the Australian Government.

The 1300 numbers release as free numbers can be selected by the client from a list available for this purpose and include Premium Platinum and gold numbers available at applicable fees. The auctioned numbers can be bought by placing a $250.00 minimum bid to try and secure a specific number or name for the business. This name will normally be the name under which the company is trading or a product / service that is well known and provided by them.

The important facts of 1300 numbers is that the client must realise that this number must be actively used and they may not put this on hold or suspend the number for use in the future. When the service gets disconnected for any reason the number will be taken back and after a period become available through auction or free number list. The number is leased exclusively for a period ranging from 12 months to twenty years by the user or business wishing to have a custom number to increase their call volume and sales.

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