Thanks to phone names, Australian small business owners now have a marketing weapon. That’s right! They can now use phone names as telephone numbers following the popular 1300 numbers. If you have a travel agency for instance, your number could look something like this – 1300 TRAVEL. These letters would correspond to the numbers on the telephone keypad of your customer’s phone.

Maximize Your Profits Using Phone Names


There is simply no better way to maximize your profits than using phone names. Customers in Australia love doing business with companies that makes things easier for them.


Taking a look at the following benefits is a sure indication why it makes sense using phone names:


  • Names are a lot easier to remember than a string of numbers


  • Ensure higher customer retention as they are often distracted and tend to forget where they put that important number. Now they just have to jog their memory to come up with your phone name


  • Your website will receive a higher rating due to customers visiting your site more often as they find it easy doing business with you


  • Better tracking facilities as phone names gives business owners in Australia the ability to split incoming calls across several answering points. In other words they can use more than one phone name


  • Excellent word of mouth tool. Your customer just have to say the name to their friends and family and you are in business


  • Recall rate is 5 times better than trying to remember actual phone numbers


Can you begin to see why small business owners in Australia should strongly consider using phone names. Just look at this example – How easy is it to remember 1300 growth instead of 1300 476 984.

Achieving the Recognition You Deserve is Easy with Phone Names

The cost associated in getting exposure using expensive media makes it hard for most business owners in Australia to get the recognition they deserve.

Now there is an easier way – Phone names!

Just picture your phone name on your car, business cards, dirt cheap flyers, etc. This is exactly what your business needs to get the kind of exposure that will bring in hordes of customers. Companies like 1300Easydial makes it dead drop easy for your small business to get the kind of recognition normally only reserved for the big boys.

Not only is your application handled with the strictest of confidence, but you can be sure to get complaints from your staff members as their workload increase due to all the calls coming through.

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