The 1300 numbers introduced is owned and issue by the Australian Government and the control is vested with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). Although payment of the premium fee does not give the company ownership of the number it serves to be able to select something more suitable to recognition of the company that a random number. The normal rules of not being able to suspend or retain the number for use somewhere in the future applies to 1300 numbers obtained via an auction. Should the company wish to surrender the number it will first stay in quarantine for a period before being made available on a future auction.

The popularity and increased use of these 1300 numbers has been instrumental in the most effective and generic names becoming unavailable and the clients getting into the system is faced with having to select less effective names for the smartnumbers. Getting the number on auction required the client to do a name search for availability and then register for the auction by paying the applicable fee. The number ids then added to the auction and a carrier must be selected for registration purposes only. The client must then wait for the auction and if successful start using the number.

Using a service that specialize in supplying 1300 numbers can save the company considerable time and aggravation. The numbers is available on a list from which the customer can chose and the commit to a lease contract of their choice. Although locked into a contract the business has exclusive use of the number and can further select the period they wish to use the number for. The disadvantages is in the choice of names but it must be remembered that the best names is long gone and there is always a possibility of suitable names available on their list. The process is also faster and makes the use of this tool quicker to yield results.

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