Equipping your business with unique phone number names will help ensure that you safeguard your business. Other business owners who are looking to use the same name will have to do some extra research to find a suitable alternative to yours. This is why it would be a great idea to secure your business name soon before someone else beat you to it.

It might be even better to ensure your phone number names follow 1300, 1800 and 13 numbers when doing business in Australia. You would be able to eliminate any confusion with your customers this way. Should they forget to phone 1300, and dial 1800 instead followed by your business name, then they may very well get to do business with someone else who offers the same services as you do.

Memorable Phone Number Names Attracts Business

You can bet that customers will see themselves attracted to your products or services should you make use of memorable phone names that follow the well known 1300, 1800 or 13 numbers. Customizing your phone number name makes it the perfect marketing tool for your customers to remember you by.

To illustrate the point. When you use a phone name such as 1300HandyMan, then any other marketing material you use will be remembered by your customers. You can say that it serves as your brand which is why you should never compromise on quality service at any stage.

This is yet another way to safeguard your business and carve yourself a Niche as either a plumber, electrician or other service provider who delivers quality service at all times. Through using phone number names you ensure that your prospective customers do not easily do business with anyone else other than you. Why not give 1300EasyDial a call to find out more.

Phone Number Names Statistics

Small to Medium business owners do not have to wonder why many Australian companies prefer using phone number names when doing business.

According to reputable resources, Australian small business owners can expect a 290% increase in their response rate when using phone number names. That is easily three times your standard response rate.

Further to this, using a phone name reduces the cost associated in generating a sales lead by almost 70 percent. That in itself is reason enough why small business owners in Australia should make it their business to get in touch with companies like 1300EasyDial who will help to set them up with phone number names for their business.

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