One thing that can be said about phone words, it helps one heck of a lot to generate sales. In fact, it is one of the latest buzz words being used in Australia. Using 1800 or 1300 numbers followed by your favourite buzz name beats the old way of trying to remember long phone numbers hands down.

Benefiting Your Australian Business Using Phone Words

Phone words have a lot of benefits that is well worth considering:

* It is so much easier for your customer to refer your business to their friends using phone words

*  One of the best ways to build brand recognition in more than one area of Australia

*  Best way to get a marvelous return on advertising investment

*  Enables small business owners to maximise their market reach

*  Prospective customers will find it easy remembering your business phone number, meaning no chance of losing out on sales

*  1300 phone words are popular with everyone and preferred by many interested customers

*  Low cost made possible by companies such as 1300Easydial

*  Customers benefit in that they pay the cost of a local phone call when calling you

What Exactly are Phone Words?


Made up from the letters of the alphabet that appears on the keypad of either your cellphone or landline set, phone words sure are the easiest way to remember anyone’s phone number.

As business owner you get to play around with words, or part of words in any form that pleases you. These words will take the place of corresponding phone numbers that are often hard to remember.

If you have a pest control business in Australia, you could easily replace the following number 1300 398 376 with 1300 EXTERMINATE to help your customers remember your number. Have you noticed that phone words are not limited to only 6 letters.

1800 numbers used in Australia normally consist of 10 digits while 1300 numbers consist of 6, but you can use whatever word you want your customers to remember you by. As long as it is closely related to what your company stands for, it will be fine.

Amazingly, there are quite a few telephone keypads in Australia. You may wonder how it would be possible to choose the right phone word as the customer may phone your business and get through to another company. No need to be overly concerned though.

According to research 9 times out of 10 users make use of ACMA/International keypads whereas 93 percent of cell phones have the same universal keypad. Other sets that use ACA and AUSTEL keypads are in the minority. It might be an idea to make your customers aware of this to ensure that their keypads are in line with ACMA/International keypads. 1300Easydial will happily provide more information on phone words and related subjects.

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