It sure is so much easier to recall 1300 Spanner than 1300 772 6637. This is due to the abstract and random random nature of phone numbers that makes is harder to remember, which poses more of a challenge, especially when you first try and use it.

To simplify the whole process of remembering numbers, ACMA (Australian Communication and Media Authority) introduced phone words back in 2004, which led to the use of 1300 numbers. It is simply a case of making up the phone word from letters of the alphabet as seen on the keypad of your telephone. Letters are used to form words or a number/word combination such as 1300 DIRT.

Consumers would simply dial this number to access a particular service or product. If you do not currently have access to 1300 numbers, you may wonder how to memorise long phone numbers? Below are some useful tips that should help you out in this regard:

  • Break your phone number into bit size chunks – Most phone numbers are separated to make remembering them easier. They would come in groups of 3 or 4 instead of a long string of numbers. You simply need to break the number down into manageable bit size sections for easy remembering.
  • Converting numbers into words – This concept of taking a difficult to remember phone number and converting it into words will make thing a lot easier for you. You just have to look at your cell phone’s dial pad when wanting to call a service provider to see what the corresponding number would be.
  • Working with number patterns – Most phone numbers would work in sequences or you will find certain numbers are repeated. All you have to do is pay attention to these patterns to get the number to stick in your memory.
  • Visualizing phone numbers – Another way to go about it is to actually dial the number on your phone pad and see how your brain would react to the shapes of the numbers such as a triangular looking number, digits at a right angle, etc.

However, it is our recommendation that you go for 1300 numbers to help ease the pain of finding ways to memorise numerical phone numbers. Phone words such as 1300 Laundry is a much better way to try and recall the type of business you want to contact for your particular problem. As much as 92% of the population is comfortable in dialing alphanumeric numbers instead of struggling to recall long numbers. It makes perfect sense to find the product or service you are looking for using phone words or phone names.

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