Trying to cope with a difficult economic climate is reason enough for the Australian business to use every available marketing tool to its best advantage. The effective use of these specialised tools to grow and expand the business comes at a price that will affect the overall profitability of any company. The effective ad skilled marketing expert in the organisation will investigate the means available and within the budget constraints use the most effective means to carry the brand and image into this competitive market. The marketing expert is faced with media advertising that is effective but very costly and the results is not always as effective as it should be. Remembering the name of a brand, product or company is some of the disadvantages the organisation may experience.

The release of 1300 numbers has opened a new and exciting concept to make the clients aware of the business at a relatively small marketing cost. The fact that the name can be incorporated into this easy to recognise marketing tolls is very effective. Consider the effectiveness of a billboard advert with a random 10 digit contact number visible for a few seconds or an advertisement with a 1300 MILK number. The recognition is immediate and the product is easily recognised and remembered. The effectiveness of 1300 numbers is absolutely brilliant to use in any marketing campaign.

Call cost for the client is also removed and the client may feel more inclined calling from a remote areas knowing they will only pay the cost of a local call. The company is receiving another major benefit when they branches in different parts of Australia as there is only one number now listed to contact any of these outlets. Again the client can remember these 1300 numbers easier as opposed to scanning through a list of numbers finding the outlet in their area.

Having the 1300 numbers connected to either a mobile or fixed line makes this a great advantage in certain industries. The further advantage is that when moving premises and even the location of the business the number remains unchanged. The fact alone has had serious business and marketing implications for many businesses in the world. Receiving international calls through the 1300 system as well as sms messages makes this the perfect tool for any professional company with the aim of expanding its market share to being the leader in their respective field

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