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Every Australian business owner should have 1300 numbers. Not only will it enhance your business image, but it will increase the number of callers who are interested in doing business with you. Companies offering these services have a comprehensive range of features that is perfect for any Australian small business owner to medium sized businesses.

There might be a couple of questions running through your mind about using 1300 numbers for your business.

Questions About 1300 Numbers

Who actually owns the 1300 number allocated to your company is one of the questions that may have crossed your mind?

The Australian government owns all phone numbers which in turn is controlled by the ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority). The only difference with 1300 numbers, is that it gives you the ability to choose a customised number that is easier for your prospective clients to remember.

Is is viable for your customers to call you on a 1300 number?

Your callers will only pay the price of a local phone call when calling you. Provided they call you from a fixed Australian landline of course.

What special deals do the business owner using 1300 numbers get?

Account holders of 1300 numbers will receive the first few minutes FREE after which a low call rate will apply. It all depends which calling plan they are on.

Who Should be Using 1300 Numbers?

Any Australian business owner who wants a shot at improving their business brand and receive better exposure should strongly consider getting themselves a 1300 number. You could take a look by browsing some options at

There are some very attractive options to any business that gets the majority of incoming calls from local callers. They will certainly benefit from the FREE talk time.


How Business Owners and Their Customers Will Benefit From 1300 Numbers

Best of all, you get to use a phone word after the 1300 number. This certainly makes it a lot easier for your customers to remember your business phone number and to do business with you.

Business owners who used 1300 numbers said that it had a positive impact on all their marketing and advertising activities as it lead to increased sales and better profits overall.

Using 1300 numbers can be seen as a very cost effective marketing tool for business owners. This can be seen in that your number always stay the same even if your should move your business to another area in Australia. What is more is that it reduces the perception among your customers that you may be a small business owner.

It makes perfect sense for any small to medium business owner to make use of 1300 numbers when hoping to attract more business.

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